As the working trends are evolving with time, so is the working environment. Coworking space is one of the recent trends started by Brad Neuberg. It is a physical arrangement where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and workers from different companies share infrastructure.

It is more convenient as it allows cost-saving and the environment created is often productive, creative, and sustainable. Coworking has proved to be great for entrepreneurs and startups as it gives an opportunity to listen to mentors and to increase expertise. There are no limitations and corporate constraints in coworking space and it provides a wide community for networking. But, coworking is not limited to startups only, the population of coworking spaces is diverse.

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Why Have Coworking Spaces Become So Popular?

Coworking spaces have been around for like a decade now, and as the time is changing, the population of individual entrepreneurs and startups is growing and so is the Coworking trend.

Less Capital Investment

The biggest benefit of coworking is that entrepreneurs don’t have to find investors who can invest in offices before the actual business is set up.

Productive Environment

We’ve got to face many distractions like Television, Pets, Family, etc while working from home. Coworking helps to provide a positive and productive working environment which helps in maintaining the distinction between work and home to keep the life in structure.

Networking and Community

As Coworking spaces bring people from different industries, it provides you an opportunity to seek advice and learn from people from different fields and skillsets. It helps to grow our business and professional circle.


Coming up with an idea like coworking was an innovation in itself, but innovation is also the main factor that made coworking a success. The Ideas behind the interior of the coworking space, theme, environment, etc which provides a motivation to get out of home for work.

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What’s the future of Coworking Trend in India?

Coworking spaces were started for entrepreneurs and freelancers only, but now they are popular in many sectors. They are growing at a fast rate in India and the industry is expected to expand at a large scale in the foreseeable future.

There is a huge demand for coworking spaces in our country as India is the third-largest startup hub and the second-largest freelancer manpower in the world. Indian millennials are looking for tech-smart offices. They are promoting collaboration, giving opportunities to coworking individuals to expand.

Some of the Factors that favored Coworking in India are the access to facilities like space, resources, manpower, etc, in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai makes it easy to set up a coworking space. The trend of entrepreneurship, startups, and other businesses are at the peak now, so the trend of coworking is growing simultaneously.

At last, we can conclude that coworking is not just a trend, it’s an evolved concept that helps the self-employed and independent population. People are choosing flexible lifestyles of collaborations and community and coworking spaces are the solution.

Contributed By- Abhishek Bhardwaj, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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