Renewable Powered Future: Green Energy Innovations That Could Change The World

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We all know that Renewable Energy is the energy that is accumulated from renewable resources. They are naturally replenishing but flow-limited. The prominent types of renewable energy are biomass energy produced from non-fossilized plant materials, woods, biogas, and biofuels. Second is hydropower which is used to produce electricity from flowing water, it is generally of two types that are conventional hydropower and other is pumped storage systems. The third type of renewable energy is geothermal energy; it is the heat which arises from the hot interior of the earth or near the surface of the earth. The near-constant temperature of the earth near the earth’s surface is used in geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling buildings. The fourth comes wind energy in which wind turbines blades collect the wind’s kinetic energy. The other type of energy is solar energy and one of the most useful energy. Solar energy systems use radiation from the sun to produce heat and electricity. Three basic types of solar system energy are solar thermal systems, solar thermal power plants, and photovoltaic systems.

Renewable energy, as the name says, can be renewed over some time, and therefore it goes without saying that it has got a huge significance. Talking about the importance of renewable energy — it’s immensely useful. Renewable Energy not only helps in the conservation of a country’s valuable natural resources but also provides reliability in the supply of power and diversification of fuels, which enhances the security of energy and lowers the risk of fuel spills while reducing the need for imported fuels. Renewable energy also helps in the conservation of the nation’s natural resources.

This is also to keep in mind that with the growing population, the use of natural resources is also growing at an increasing rate. Thus the subject of renewable energy becomes more and more relevant. This is why innovations in the direction of renewable energy are highly important as well as crucial for the sustainable development of the present and also for the upcoming future generations. Fortunately, scientists are working in this field of renewable energy with their immensely innovative solutions to develop new and cleaner sources of energy that may replace fossil fuels like gas, coal, and oil. Some of them are:

1.Wave energy: It is being explored as an alternative source of renewable energy. To harness the wave power, offshore wave energy converters are constructed.

2.Printable solar panels: It’s a cost-effective way for people to power their homes. Solar inks are used on rolls of plastic, thus an easy and effective way is established.

3. Body Heat: The combined body heat makes the temperature rise considerably therefore creating body heat.

4. Algae: Algae grows quickly and has many properties that make it an ideal biodiesel fuel source. It has a higher heat content than corn and can be used to make several different types of fuel. Its versatility and effectiveness.

5. Alcohol waste: Many breweries have already figured out that their leftover spent grain makes good feed for farm animals, ensuring that nothing goes to waste in the brewing process. Some distilleries, however, have taken things a step further, using the waste from their distilling process to create renewable energy.

Contributed By- Anushka Rathore, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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