Remote working and work-life balance

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With so many unexpected trends in this year of 2020, the trend of working from home full time or part-time is widely accepted by the majority of the people. These days you will find many who will ditch the traditional working space and rather be comfortable working from home at their own time within their own comfort zone. This concept of remotely working has got a mixed review from all the working people. Some people do not want to just slog their entire day working in their offices enclosed in a rectangular space. They prefer working dedicatedly from their home as much as required by taking their time and using the rest of to relax or do anything that will give them peace.

But everything in this world has both pros as well as cons. Like that remote working also has its own advantages and to some extent, there are limitations too. The most important thing in remote working is that work and life should be properly balanced. It should not increase the workaholic tendencies within a person leading to a bad lifestyle. What happens in the office is that we have fixed working hours, so we can plan our day accordingly and bring in more fun, enjoyment and entertainment. But that is mostly not possible while working from home. Since work from home can be done at our own space, and procrastinating behaviour of humans, it leads to piling up of huge work. And ultimately leading to work stress. Also, since a person is working from home, employers tend to increase their workload. This reduces the availability of family time to be spent with. Working remotely means spending more time in front of a laptop. There is no one near you to instantly share your thoughts and ideas. All you have is your laptop, excel sheets and ear pods to give you company. And these decreases social interaction. Talking with colleagues in the office, gossiping in the canteens, or just a small tea break can do wonders in increasing productivity. After relentlessly working such small breaks helps the person recharge themselves and start the work afresh. This is however missing in case of remote working. It can even lead to frustration and getting annoyed with every small thing.

So, although remote working allows an individual to work at their own space at whatever time they want and focuses on getting the work delivered on time, it takes a toll on the mental health of a person. So, an extroverted person who loves to stay in the midst of people talking and chatting away problems, discussing new topics often finds it difficult working remotely. At the end, it is always advisable that a proper balance must be maintained between work life and personal life. This will help to lead a stress-free happy life which is equally important.

Contributed By- Nayana Nandi, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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