Relieving coronavirus stress by dancing

Dance is a form of happiness, joy, and a way of expressing one feeling. Dancing is something that everyone can do for relieving their stress, for being happy, and for living all the moments of one’s life. Dance is nothing but a movement of the body in a rhythmic way and is generally done either to express something or just for enjoying. Never considered as an art form, dance today is part of the everyday life of many, with unique styles and new trends dance helping people to show their joy and happiness.

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During this world's health crisis, we all are quarantined at our homes. This quarantine has made people overthink their life, career, and relationships. All these leading to anxiety, stress, and uncertainty which causes an unhealthy environment for us and for the people around us. And sometimes these thoughts might lead to drastic steps like suicide which will not only the family but also the people surrounding them. To break this negative thought process, we need a constant force that keeps us happy and stays positive in this lockdown or a quarantine period. we should always do the activities that make us happy in one way or the other and one of them is dancing. dancing can really help us in staying positive and healthy in the following major ways.


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Dancing helps you in staying fit, dance forms like aerobics will help you in relaxation and will be a workout that you'll enjoy while getting physically fit. Start your day with aerobics and it would help you in maintaining a good posture and blood circulation in the body.


Dancing is an activity that helps in good blood circulation and helps you in breathing well hence we can say dancing is good for the heart and lungs. Dancing is a form of exercise that works your lungs and heart. Dancing for a prolonged period can help boost your fitness, while also helping to build up your stamina for other forms of exercise. While dancing, the heart beats faster than normal due to which heart rate pumps more blood to the lungs to gather oxygen for transport to tissues in your body. This can keep the heart well-conditioned and reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Thus dancing can help in reducing the risks and diseases related to the heart and lungs.


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Dancing helps in staying fit, having a good posture, and makes us physically and emotionally fit. It’s also a fun activity that sharpens the mind, increases aerobic power and strength, builds social bonds, and can reduce pain and stiffness. It leads to good mental health which ultimately leads to no negativity overpowering our thoughts and mind.


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Dance increases the flexibility of interaction with people and range of motion as well as improves their balance, coordination, and muscle power. Through dance, we learn many life skills like cooperation, leadership, acceptance, team spirit and this helps us stand out in society. Everyone needs to possess these skills in this present time. It sharpens one’s mind, boosts self-esteem and confidence, fosters coordination, builds social interaction, enhances physical fitness, and better understanding with teammates or all the people around.

Dance has the capability to relieve one’s stress and spread positivity and happiness.

Now the question arises that how can I dance? I don’t know how to dance properly ? what will people think about me?

these questions always take a troll of our mind, we should always give priority to ourselves by saying that it is my fitness, my mental health, my heart and lungs, and my social skills. why we all always think about others and society before doing the thing that we want to do even after knowing the fact that it could be a gamechanger of one’s life. Anyone can dance and no one judges you on that.


Dancing can be done both competitively and socially. It can be a great recreational and sporting choice because anyone of any age can take part. Dancing is usually an indoor activity and hence no matter if its raining or cold outside you can dance at home, and you can dance alone or invite your family members and have a fun dance session in a group. Dance classes have become a trend now, with varied options of dance academies one can choose to enjoy dancing and learn different dance forms at any age. Even many institutes have started their own dance classes for all the age groups. Dance has not only motivates younger children or the younger generation but it has also motivated middle-aged and older generations. The gear you need for dancing will depend on the style of dancing you choose.

This will give immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction for sure. “We should always dance to express not impress” very well said by Remo d Souza sir. this line is self-explanatory that we should dance for ourselves and not for others. during this pandemic, it is very important to express ourselves in one way or the other rather than thinking around the thing.

There are many dance forms the one can learn easily at home may be from youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. All the institutes have started taking the classes online so people can register themselves on the platform and can learn many dance forms by sitting at their home itself. Here are some dance forms that we can learn easily at home.

One can just follow the steps of the dance forms and learn these forms from any social media platforms or any institute’s online classes. This will be something productive also and will also help in relieving stress and building social morality.

Here are some good platforms from where you can learn dancing online.

  • Bollyshake (Instagram)
  • Dance with Madhuri
  • Team naach
  • Divesh Mirchandani
  • Skillshare

Dance is not only a stress reliever in a pandemic but also routine life. there is a fact about dancing that whenever we dance some happy hormones are secreted which are known as endorphins. The scientific reason for why dance can act as a stress reliever stems from the idea that when the body feels good, the mind does, too. Any type of physical activity releases neurotransmitters and endorphins which serve to alleviate stress. during this digital era, everyone is so busy on their laptops and work that they don’t get time look after themselves. This leads to work-stress and tensions. In this situation, dance can help with bursting stress. To relieve this stress dance helps in two ways first by making you feel good by enjoying the dance and second by the music, which helps your mind and so we can say that dance is a dual therapy that always works. Your work environment isn’t always the best place to express who you are. More often than not, you need to be a more buttoned-up version of yourself and hide much of your inner self. Dancing offers an outlet for people to express themselves.

However never stop here !! This post only features the benefits of dancing and how dancing could be one of the factors in relieving stress during a pandemic. Try these things out and be productive. Fill your life with a plethora of happiness and positivity. Optimism leads to optimistic activities. WE SHOULD STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP DANCING FOR STAYING FIT !!!

Contributed By- Mehakbansal, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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