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SDG(Sustainable Development Goals), also known as global goals, is a significant initiative adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015 with a purpose to end poverty, protect plants, and secure the livelihood of people so that they live peacefully and prosperously by 2030. There are 17 integrated SDGs which means that these 17 goals will also affect the developments in not just the area where action has been taken but also other areas as well and that outcome must balance environmental, economic and social sustainability. One of the most exceptionally important goals of SDGs is its goal no. 4, that is, Quality Education.

Quality Education not only enables people to develop their skills and knowledge in understanding their true potential but also makes them a responsible citizen as well as an asset for their respective nation. It is to be noted that an educated population leads to innovation, higher levels of productivity, and increased economic growth. Quality education is a prioritized goal because the power of education is something that can practically change a country’s face from grave poverty into a sustainable developed one if they emphasize the importance of a quality educational system.

Therefore the government and responsible authorities should ensure free quality education programs. No matter how many goals are set, if not implemented well, it won’t fruit. Hence the poor quality of the education system proves to prevail and infects a country’s development goals. A poor education structure leads to enormous wastage of wealth of the nation as well as the time invested by the scholars. It pushes children out of the education system making them illiterate and thus increasing the illiteracy curve even more. These uneducated children are either forcefully made labour; creating yet another grave situation or become a liability to the nation. The liabilities are generally girls who end up getting in the trap of child marriage and other dilemmas, who don’t even know the meaning of basic independence and dreams are far out of reach.

Hence, poor quality education paves the way to numerous difficulties and hardships in the overall growth and development of the entire nation. The need of the hour is not to entirely depend on the government and authorities but to make sure that they also do something big or small to help those who unfortunately can’t afford education. Any conscious decision taken to help and support SDGs will have great significance in the development of literacy and with that end of several attached years old issues such as child labour, child marriage, trafficking, poverty, etc. So let’s take a moment to analyze the problems as such and make sure to give our respective vital help to support the global goals.

Contributed By- Anushka Rathore, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang