Pseudo-feminism: Exploring the truth

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The term “pseudo-feminism” which apprehend pseudo which means false and feminism is about all the gender having equal rights. First comes Feminist then comes pseudo-feminist. If you stand by Feminism then don’t get disgruntled by pseudo feminism.

“Feminism is all about respecting women’s experiences, identities, knowledge, ideas, and the strengths and endeavouring every single woman to realise their rights.”

The pseudo feminism forcibly orders that women deserve respect and other genders deserve no respect. The empowerment for women is needed where women are in trouble and facing lots in their life, certain people are defaming the word Feminism. In-state of grabbing equality, some people manage to demean the rights of feminism.

Nowadays the news channels began debating about the feminism. There is a thick line between the feminism and pseudo feminism which they have crossed. Do they stand with feminism? No, they end up with pronouncement over the arguments!

Does a woman do this?

I think completely No, because if you stand by wrong then if “A man” shouldn’t, then “A women” also shouldn’t. Women which labels themselves as feminist on top of their social media for their rights and empowerment and the respect, actually end up with striking her fellows. Now, this makes the word two-facades(feminism & pseudo).

Let us take some realistic example of the word pseudo feminism:

Once on a bus, a girl who was an instance of feminism didn’t give the seat to a man who was 73 years old and was sick. Now, the right of humanity fails here. If here you stand with the feminism then I m sorry it’s not. It’s all about equality, not a power to rule over another gender.

People who perceive feminism do not take a badge of being a Feminist. You can clearly say feminism is about that no gender should be treated with any injustice. But do we realise that pseudo feminism hides behind the feminism all around! The women who don’t take seconds telling a man to empty up their seats on train or bus. The old repeated dialogues which you are familiar in movies or real life: She called him fat? Well, he is fat!” “What? Did he call her fat? That is a female disrespect.”

RESPECT WOMEN! Offer her your seat!

We are living in 2020. From the 21st century, the world is progressing with innovation, science and technology rapidly. And the old hat timeworn set cold threadbare about gender equality and rights. We live in the moment where male bashing has become a habit and everyone generalise each man as some sort of animal, who will destroy woman’s dignity. Let me acknowledge you that majority of men have never teased, assaulted or taken advantage of any female and this whole generalisation has to stop. We are aware that our society is not perfect and fair and it has always been skewed in favour of the other sex and time has come for this to sink in and make the essential changes.

Psuedo feminism is destroying women empowerment in the following ways:

1. People are losing trust in women and as its consequences, it has created a dilemma in the mind of people to help women in critical situations.

2. You cannot empower yourself until you are honest within yourself. Until you keep your ego on top of everything the condition will never be improved and it will keep on breaking the faith and trust in women which has taken all these years to build up.

3. It is affecting almost everything ranging from your lifestyle along with your mindset.

It will cloud your thinking process and will destroy your decision-making capabilities.

Contributed By- Ritika Sinha, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

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