Project Women: Creating Employment

Mitti Ke Rang aims at creating equal opportunities for the beneficiaries working with us, including -but are not limited to- widows and single women. This project involves primarily training them on how to make bags out of cloth and paper. Once that is done, we get them to work with the production team.

We have contracts with several corporates, which place orders for these bags. Additionally, we regularly set up stalls at different exhibitions and events; all of which increases awareness about our brand, thereby creating a vast field of employment opportunities for our beneficiaries.

A session by Arts Huddle conducting a painting workshop with the ladies of Mitti Ke Rang.

The lovely bags that these ladies sew out of donated pieces of cloth were transformed into masterpieces, by adding a splash of paint on them. This workshop conducted by Sagorika Dasgupta, was a tutorial on how to make art, absolutely sans brushes! The workshop made these ladies familiar with various aspects of fabric painting. It motivated them to add a personal touch of art to all the bags that they stitch so that every bag has its own story to tell.

Sagorika Dasgupta Experience -

Never have I come across a more enthusiastic bunch of women who were so eager to learn. They giggled, cracked jokes and encouraged each other all throughout the workshop. The biggest take away for me from this workshop was that a dash of colour can bring happiness to all our lives!

Mitti Ke Rang at the 91 Springboard The Co Working Space…!!

We recently put up a pop up show at this exquisite co-working space. We are humbled to receive the outstanding response and deeply appreciate the coordinating team for helping us project this to the widest audience possible!

Our team also got an opportunity to socialise with employees from different fields and received great feedback!

Newspaper bag workshop at Cognizant, Pune.

110 Outreach volunteers from this company were trained to make durable paper bags from recycled newspaper. The usage of plastic bags need to be done away with and the change definitely needs to begin at home. Around 200 paper bags produced during the event were donated to us.

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.