Project — Empowering 50 Women #diyaforacause

Mitti Ke Rang has come up with a unique concept to empower the widows and women of our community this Diwali.

How you can support them?

By buying these Tea Lamps made by our very own hard working ladies of MKR. We aim to provide these women a decent amount of earnings which would brighten up their homes this Diwali. Our target is to sell 1,00,000 tea lamps/Diyas.

Even the strongest woman is still learning to fly. This Diwali let’s give their dreams and aspirations the wings to reach the sky. Instead of donating, why not teach them to be self-sufficient and independent?

We don’t believe in equality, we believe in equal opportunity. #diyaForCause
Join us, to light up not only homes but hopes this Diwali!

For more information and to purchase the Tea Lamp you can visit our website:

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.