Problems in Implementation of Government Schemes

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3 min readSep 11, 2020


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Ever since the government came up with national schemes, the real beneficiaries have faced many problems in availing it. As the rural scenario is not doing much better, the government has to boost spending and growth whilst keeping the fiscal deficit number in control. Narendra Modi Government has launched various schemes and policies such as ‘Digital India’ and ‘Atal Pension Yojana’. Despite the presence of developmental schemes, India is far behind in creating a harmonious and truly prosperous society.

For Instance: MNREGA in Maharashtra, Mid Day Meal has failed due to subversion of funds -as the foods were not rich in quality or quantity, oil which was used for cooking was kept in a pesticide store.

So Yes! Every government scheme has its pitfalls and drawbacks.

A major issue that dampens the efficacy of all government schemes across the spectrum is the wide gap between Centre and State objectives. Understandably, state finances have taken a hit due to lack of compensation received from the Centre because of GST shortfall and more focus should be laid on compliance rather than just allocating fresh resources to the schemes already in place.

Here are a few points you can consider :

· Mismatch of Priorities

· Lack of Identification of Target beneficiaries

· Inter departmental issues leading to delays

· File pushing and Red Tapism.

· Complex rules and regulations.

· Absence of SOPs and sound implementation machinery.

· Language and communication barriers

· Behaviour and attitude problems in the personnel department. (Unprofessionalism and lack of sensitivity)

· Lack of transparency and accountability.

· Lack of citizen-centric approach.

· No community participation.

· Lack of review and monitoring mechanism.

· Preparation of fake muster rolls.

· Instead of focusing on making new policies and schemes for the upliftment of the underprivileged and downtrodden groups, we should monitor the root cause of the problems and how we can intelligently improvise the existing policies.

By the upliftment of our society in India through skill development programs we can surely look forward to modernizing our country. We will never objectify that government has not started in a better way for reforming but unfortunately it did nothing substantial to change the system that is why an overhaul is needed.

As the government fails in creating an aware atmosphere where people in backward areas doesn’t even know what the central and state government is doing for them, there is a need of better coordination among civil societies, NGOs, and government in improving transparency, quality, the effectiveness of a policy or scheme.

By This, we will surely succeed in its proper implementation with the support of the government.

Contributed By- Moudeepa Deb, Content Writer @Mitti Ke Rang

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