Principles for becoming a good Blogger


What a Perfect blog should look like? How to write to create an impressive impact on the audience? These are some doubts which many people face when they start writing blogs! These are very valid questions that also came into my mind while writing my first blog.

I am pouring all my experiences and knowledge I have gained in this field through this blog.

What are the most followed rules?

1. Start with an irresistible topic.

Start your blog with an irresistible topic that could completely enunciate what your blog is all about.

2. Give an Introduction

While writing your blog, you should start with an introduction about yourself and open up about your ideas. You should try to answer these questions while writing your introduction:

Why should readers read your blog? What do you expect from your readers?

You should give you much effort and attention while writing the first paragraph and last lines of your blog. The introduction should be such that could compel the readers to read your blog until the end. You can start the introduction with a quote or a story or with a suspension that puts a question in the mind of a reader and make them read the complete blog to know the answer.

3. Use more of Transitional words

Use transitional words like also, too, as well as, especially, absolutely, definitely, before, above all, in addition, etc. It connects the sentences and emphasizes the significance of each sentence. Through transition words, readers can link directly with bloggers and understand their ideas more clearly. For example, if you want attention to specific sentences, you can use words like particularly, above all, importantly, clearly etc.

4. Focus about the aim of your blog

The aim of your blog should be solving problems that readers may face. While writing a blog, you should consider yourself in place of readers and think of the problems you face in a particular situation you are writing about.

5.Express yourself in an Organized way

You can use bullets, points, and numbers to convey your opinions in an organized and effective way.

6. Write Summary at last

You may write a summary of your whole blog at the end to give a complete overview of your blog in a very brief manner.

7. Include Images in your blog

Use diagrams and images that could explain your feelings and attract attention. Images can make your blog more appealing and easily understandable. You may use different writing styles. You should understand the psychology of a reader. Try to give maximum information in simple words so that readers understand your intention behind writing on a particular topic.

8. Add a reference to your Blog

Write the references at the end of your blog. They tell about the sources which you referred to while writing your blog. It is essential for good bloggers to write in their own words. It should not be copied from the internet.

9. The Importance of Reviews

You should be open to honest reviews and encourage the readers to give reviews on what they liked about your blog and what they expect more from you? What other information they want from the topic you wrote about? Accepting criticism enhances your learning and makes you more approachable for the readers.

10. Grammar and Tense should be correct

Always check the grammar of your blog before publishing it. Tense should be taken care of.

11. Use Plagiarism tools

Plagiarism tools are important to check the uniqueness of your content. If the tools detect plagiarized sentences, either remove them or write the same in a different style.

12. Connect with your Target audience

Apart from writing blogs, try to connect with the public through social media sites like Quora, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. These add credentials to your name. Moreover, you can circulate your blog through these websites to get more traffic.

13. Provide the details to connect with Readers

Provide your Gmail id and Facebook Id at the end of your blog. You should encourage the readers to comment after reading your blog.

Now, you are ready to start your journey and become a Perfect Blogger!!

Contributed By- Shruti Shreya, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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