Power of opportunities and adapting with the changing world

Yet another podcast by Mitti Ke Rand with Mr.Richard M. Rothman — referred to as the ‘Oppguru’ he is the founder and M.D. of OpenMind Opportunity Consultancy, the world’s first and only opportunity consultancy.

For over thirty-two years, he has expanded business opportunities for many companies around the world, in 67 sectors. His Indian clients include Zee Entertainment, Onida, Aptech, Metro Shoes, and Essel Propack.

​Richard’s first book, Master Opportunities and Make it Big, won wide acclaim and was a national bestseller. Before starting his consultancy, Richard served as Trade Commissioner of the USA in India, Italy, and Indonesia. Richard taught marketing and strategy at the graduate level at the Graham School of Management (Milan), and thereafter at the Indonesian Institute of Management. He holds a BA from Bates College, and an MBA from California State University, and an MA in International Management from Thunderbird School of worldwide Management.

So, the conversation between our host and the guest, opportunity Consultant takes you through the journey of his life and how events of his life took him from growing up in America and ending up with the decision of living the rest of his life in this country rich with diversity, India. In 2013, he decided to become an opportunity consultant (the first one and the only one till the date) after being an international trade consultant and market entry consultant. He took his trust ride by the acquaintance companies, for him the challenge was and still is for reaching the companies he will reach for a long time. Mr. Richard Rothman follows the 80’20 principle and believes in how ideas can work for even average companies. For him, the real bottom-line in business is “Service” not “what’s in it for me?”.

Idea, Innovation & Luck is what Mr. Richard Rothman tells the ingredients for a success story. We come to know that how most of the companies last for 40 years according to a Harvard study, all one needs to survive is adapt the change, if one resists the revolution they die! Mr. Richard gives the example for Nokia and Blackberry for how they were not able to survive and then of Netflix for excelling the revolution of devices and becoming a high-end streaming site in a few years from a site or company which used to rent DVDs to people.

The opportunities that the future holds for the pharma industry and the other industries after the “boycott china” to take the lead and gain excellence in respective industries. Mr. Richard Rothman advises everyone to be creative and innovative and not just stick to old ones.

Listen to the complete podcast on our Spotify channel: https://open.spotify.com/episode/48wfB7T0ke8MNVAcKwEJkL?si=Fw9CsIsdTGmnpGEKHV5Xgg

Contributed by Archit Jain, content writer at Mitti Ke Rang.

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