Post-COVID India, Changing Entrepreneurial Setup and the MIT India Initiative

Mitti Ke Rang brings you some interesting podcasts and interviews with people from various domains. One such speaker is Piyush Verma who is a researcher at MIT and also the founding head of MIT India Initiative, an initiative that brings researchers from MIT and Harvard together with hundreds of students and social impact leaders to solve some major issues in India. He is also a consultant with the World Bank and Govt of India working on a large scale water planning project.

In this podcast, the speaker has talked about his venture, one of which is Manus Labs which is an MIT spin-off that brings together entrepreneurs working in social sectors by providing them with capital, mentorship, etc.

About MIT India Initiative:

It’s a workshop and conference that brings three different groups together and lets them explore their ideas and work together on it.

1.Researchers from MIT Harvard

2.Graduate, undergraduates, young professionals

3.Community Partners

He further, went on and addressed the loopholes in the Entrepreneurial sector and how Manus Labs is addressing it. He explains how there are still major issues in social sectors like healthcare, waste, sanitation, and billions of people who require its solution. But the most concerning issue is less capital availability in these sectors. IT, tech, and services have huge investments yet these areas are not exposed enough despite heavy demands.

So Manus lab has a goal set, to bring capital investments and to try exposing these areas to entrepreneurs. The main objective Post COVID will be for small scale industries as they have been affected badly so to bring them back, help them grow, and supporting them will be a major challenge.

When asked how one can tackle these issues; he explained to focus on the following three aspects

  • Reach out to organizations that align with your vision.
  • Collaborating and teaming up with them.
  • Expressing your ideas on social media, public forums, etc.

The Entrepreneur’s vision while working in the social sector should be; Making social entrepreneurship long term sustainable and scalable. To replicate social problems at a larger scale in different geographical locations. and to bring enough capital to help people as much as possible.

Over his years of experience, the one value that he has learned is that the most important quality of leadership by understanding people and empathizing with them. Working and moving together in unity. The one piece of advice to entrepreneurs and change-makers from him is to Keep believing in oneself and trying to make things happen and not to waste time waiting for things to get perfect, because that time will never come. “Setbacks will always be there but overcoming and learning from your mistakes is what makes you successful.”

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Contributed by Drishti D Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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