Police Officers and the Lockdown

The frontline workers have been bearing the brunt of the pandemic the most; triggering depression, anxiety, and stress the pandemic has had adverse effects on the mental health of many.

This means the doctors and police officers are going through a tough time and are vulnerable not only to COVID 19 but to deteriorating mental health. Apart from being the most prone to the virus, the lack of proper protection tools and long hours of working has most of the officers feeling hopeless and exhausted.

Photo by Caleb Wright on Unsplash

Tension in relationships and separation from family has increased more than ever before. The officers have to maintain a distance from their own family to not expose them to the risk of the virus, these have caused mental strain to both the family members and the officers.

Some may argue that there have been multiple cases of police brutality and how unfair they are; there is no doubt that those incidents are inhumane. While some others might say that this is their job and they signed up for this, but the police officers shouldn’t need to suffer to such extremes or sacrifice themselves for others without regard to their wellbeing.

Efforts need to be made to reach out to them, through calls or online meetings, they should be appreciated and supported in these times, their working hours should be regulated and more breaks should be offered for them to rest and rejuvenate.

“Being corona warriors, it is essential for them to take care of their mental health in this difficult time. Monitoring those who are at high risk for enduring distress, and educating them about relaxation techniques, depression, and anxiety management can play a protective role,” says Dr. DeSousa of The Minds Foundation

Police have been the target of irritated citizens, coughed at and spat at while ensuring the lockdown, some citizens even attacked the officers with weapons and damaged police vehicles.

The police officers created awareness with a great deal of creativity, they sang and danced to old songs providing instructions promoting hygienic and safety actions. The police were seen supporting the migrants, consoling them, providing for the needs of food for those that couldn’t avail it.

The police are our law enforcers and work for our benefits, it is also our duty to cooperate with them in return and look after their wellbeing too.

Contributed by Lachkegeetanjali Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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