Art as per Wikipedia is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory, or performing artifacts, expressing imaginative or technical skill of an artist, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Photography is art-visual art.

It may not require a skill that has an effort like that of painting or sculpture but the intention to appreciate beauty and express emotions. It requires analytical skills that show abstraction beyond the original shot.

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Think that there’s only one type of photography out there? Nope.

There are plenty of different types of photography out there in the world. The technical and creative skills required often cross multiple photography genres means if you improve in one area, you can learn valuable lessons and techniques that make you a better photographer across other styles.

By learning and practicing different types of styles one can build a strong foundation for their photography career. Providing a brief description of some common photography genre below:

1. Portrait Photography

One of the most common photography styles, portrait photography, or portraiture, aims to capture the personality and mood of an individual or group. Images may be candid or posed full body or close-ups. Either way, the subject’s face, and eyes are typically in focus. Popular types of photography portraits include senior portraits, family portraits, engagement photos, and professional headshots.

2. Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a way of telling the story of a newsworthy event or scene through photographs. Photojournalism should be as objective and truthful as possible and capturing candid moments as they happen. Generally, photojournalists attend planned events with the hope of capturing unplanned, unscripted moments.

3. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography showcases and glamorizes fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories to make them more desirable to consumers. Mostly it is published in magazines and online. People may choose this niche over different types of photography because of the opportunity to be highly creative in making photographs eye-catching and appealing.

4. Sports Photography

By catching athletes, coaches, and even fans at the perfect moment, sports photographs can depict the passion, drama, and emotion that fuels sporting events. Sports photographers also usually use long, heavy lenses for zooming in on the action.

5. Still Life Photography

Still, life photography features inanimate objects — natural or human-made. It can be artistic or commercial. In Stock photography & product advertising, this photography style has most commonly used.

6. Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is to illustrate a story or article, typically for a magazine or newspaper. The subject of editorial photography can vary widely and is entirely dependent on the topic of the text it accompanies. When working in editorial photography, one will likely work closely with writers and art directors, and demonstrating communication skills and professionalism will help you succeed.

7. Architectural Photography

Both the interior and exterior design of buildings and structures are the subject of architectural photography, which can be of value to designers, architects, leasing companies, and building investors. From warehouses to city bridges to old country barns, this genre encompasses diverse structures. Often, the photograph showcases the structure’s most aesthetically pleasing parts, such as a particular beam or archway.


Astrophotography records objects in the night sky. Stars, satellites, and planets are no exception. Even black holes, if you have a telescope long enough.

Imagine that one photograph that makes you pause and think.

What made you stop and think?

The imagination made you experience the story. It is because photography is one of the most complex amalgamations of creativity, emotion, abstraction, analytical skills, motor skills, knowledge of physics, and guts as well.

Storytelling through photography is all about capturing experience in its entirety. It is not about showing up the sunset, taking an image off the pier, and walking away to your next destination. It is about spotting the moments in-between.

A moment in-between can be a passing kid with an ice cream cone dripping over their hand as they run past you.

When a photographer takes images that tell stories, the developed sense of intimacy between the photographer and the subject will almost always wield a stronger photograph.

Photography influence people so profoundly, as it requires a real physical object to be there to take a picture of it. This very fact is the reason we perceive any photo as something more real than any other type of visual representation of reality.

Photography has often advocated for the social interests of people who desire change or want to reveal certain tints and hues of reality that the big powers (corporations and government) do not want us to see. Do recall a bit about how photography helped Americans to change their perception of the Vietnam War.

Formal photojournalism has always been an authority in the diffusion of the crudest faces of truth, but they can use the medium as an instrument of complaint — not only for negative stuff but also for the positive. Many stories deserve to be told and are not sad or negative.

Photography can help to create social change, or at least to help it happen slightly faster.

Photography can also help communities in complex psychosocial situations to cope in a less complicated way.

Roy is an adventurous wildlife photographer, he has been traveling in extreme conditions to the most remote places on earth for more than a decade, capturing images of rarely viewed animals in their natural habitats. He believes that a unique perspective can actualize any vision, making photography an incredible tool to raise awareness for pressing environmental issues.

He made it a lifelong mission to use photography as a tool to raise awareness about the devastating effects of climate change. He aims to take pictures never seen before, so people can’t help but acknowledge what’s going on and start a conversation about the subject.

In images, he tries to show a “human-like” approach in hopes of getting people to fall in love with them as he did. Maybe then we will be able to raise awareness about their situation and collectively push for the necessary changes.

The camera has power — a power that used to create a better world.

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