Our Project Reading Head

“Working with the blind and handicapped as a volunteer project in my college, gave me true happiness and emotional satisfaction. For this reason I decided to join Mitti Ke Rang, where I can help unprivileged children.”

Shrawani Pawar is a 22 year old girl with a B.Com Honours from Symbiosis college, and is currently pursuing LLB.

Being a private tutor she has always had experience in teaching kids which she is now using to educate the children at our Hadapsar Community Centre.

“I sincerely think that these children should not face the challenges that I had experienced and should be given a fair chance in the world where they should not miss on any important opportunity just because they don’t know English.”

Belonging from a Marathi background herself Shrawani, had completed her education in Marathi language and overcoming her obstacles she, on her own improved upon her skills in English to thrive!

Shrawani is currently working with MKR at the Hadapsar Community Centre. She takes time out everyday to teach the kids English and how to present themselves to the world!

We welcome Shrawani Pawar to the team of Mitti Ke Rang.


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