Online exams and Cheating

Our Education system always gave priority towards the offline methods of education, while few and growing adaptations to the developing technological advancements. During the COVID outbreak, everyone shifted towards the online education system to protect everyone from the virus and still not hamper the education of hundreds of students.

The Online Education system has its own pros and cons, it is safe and has 0% chances of spreading disease, the pandemic and online education sure go hand in hand, but at what cost. It is affecting the physical and mental health of both teachers and students. Along with classes, exams are also being conducted online these days. Online exams provide flexibility and security to the examination process as well it is safer in terms of health than taking offline exams. But for a few of the students, online exams are easy to give as they can cheat easily, students have come up with various innovative measures to cheat during online examinations, and the big plus is the access to gadgets easily during the course of the exam.

Though a lot of teachers are coming up with measures to reduce cheating as much as possible

Rarely, only some students give attention during online classes and it is also not possible for the teacher to know what a student is doing without having her/him physically around. It’s not just for exams, innovative ideas are coming up to not listen to online classes as well.

The credibility of students is also being affected during these online studies though there are still some students who are putting their efforts into studying hard but are being overpowered by those who don’t. This is also affecting their placements as the recruiters aren’t sure about the credibility of the students.

Taking online classes and conducting online exams is moreover becoming a way for colleges to get academic fees. The online education system is useful during this pandemic, but we aren’t equipped enough to get it all sorted. As of now with teachers having limited knowledge and skills in the spectrum and students manipulating the system, it is a big pile of mess. While we achieved to save a year of business, money, and maybe education, the results are yet to be seen completely.

Contributed by Divyanshi Garg content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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