Online Chess Tournaments — The Favourite Pandemic Passtime?

We have become hostages under anarchical coronavirus. Headspace is clustered with the apprehension of the disease and of our seclusion itself. An apparent problem can be provided for with a vaccine solution. However, an intangible liability of our mind is hard to render. Though we are familiar with strengthening brain capacity which does not seem like a demanding task as sleep comes naturally to all. We are yet to ch(ess)ase away our mental stigma. The brain is a bunch of nerves functioning together. But the irony is that what makes you distinguishable is a taboo topic itself in public spaces.

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The need to acknowledge mental stress, mental trauma, mental disorders and mental health itself is imperial for the sanity of humanity. The brain is the perfect example of the “Butterfly Effect”. A little veiny spark here, and a million cells implicating disorders there. Exercises come in handy in some mental health-related issues. A nutritious diet keeps the cells active. A good sleep cycle keeps stress and anxiety at bay. Games, indoor, and outdoor, both minimize body and mind related complications. Chess keeps in check your wits. Coincidentally, it also serves as a perfect example for the” Butterfly Effect” with its checkmating competence. Chaturanga (a.k.a. chess) was conceived in India during the Gupta empire. From the 6th century to the 21st century, chess has spread like coronavirus. Bearing no fatalities, it acquainted us to humans having IQ higher than the average. The competitiveness of the game has contributed to human nature to subjugate. Regards for this nerve-entangling game evolved with malfunctioning coccyx (tailbone). Its trend has only magnified with Netflix miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit”. Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel “The Queen’s Gambit” contemplates the male chauvinism around the game itself. This novel has been developed into a show. It helps the viewers to imagine the intricacies of the game and the chess world. Beth Harmon, the protagonist is sketched as a psychedelic. Her personal life trauma synchronizes with her struggle to prove herself less than no grandmasters of the world. We are all pawns in the hand of time. Captured in the grids offered by the space. In a pursuit to overwhelm our predestined fate. Frolicking in this unceasing match between time and destiny. Some manage to cover the journey to choose what they want to become. Some sacrifices for the sake of others. Some are happy to be a significant one in the path of the former. While some depart valiantly from the game of life. The vividness of the game has made it immortal throughout centuries.

Contributed by Smirtipanchal Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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