New methods to evaluate students in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected education systems around the world, causing colleges and universities to close almost completely. Colleges and school closure not only affects students, teachers, or family but also on digital learning, food insecurity, and various other economic issues.

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In response to college and school closure, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommended to use the distance learning, and open education application platforms, so that colleges and mentors can use them to reach learners remotely and limit the interruption of education.

In order to have a quality graduate education, individual courses must have learning outcomes that are appropriate for graduate students. Students must be familiar with the content area or the knowledge of research. Learning outcomes through online courses should emphasize the quality of review or evaluation.

The educational institutions must determine the predefined points such as courses, internships, and many more. So students should develop specific knowledge and skills.

The change should bring about specific learning outcomes in the statement of objectives of the appropriate curriculum and experience.

Institutions must choose and develop appropriate assessment strategies to test the students learning of specific knowledge or skill. Also should use assessment result to provide formative feedback to individual students and improve courses and techniques.

The institutions must be able to adjust the expected learning outcomes and evaluate the learning again. Such a process can lead to the continuous improvement of courses and teaching.

In recent times there has been havoc around examinations as there is confusion regarding whether they are canceled, postponed, or preponed. While the batch of 2020 has only the confusion regarding the examinations and results with a hanging hope on the future the batch of 2021 has seen a shift in the execution of education. While the assessment patterns need to adapt so is the requirement to adapt to a completely different learning experience.

While the shift comes with its disadvantages and difficulties the global student community shifts to a change while the educational institutions evolve towards one

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