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Movies have been one of the biggest businesses in the country entertaining all sections of society. It is a kind of escape that people look forward to after a tiring day of work or something you could go for on a leisure day with your friends or family. It is a way to fall out of the day-to-day rut and engage in something light and pleasant. This entertainment world has been able to influence thousands of people with the type of portrayals and actions shown.

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A film’s primary purpose is that of entertainment. Social awareness, consciousness, and change are all byproducts that a film may invoke. If a film makes a connection with the audience or if it entertains, inspires, and motivates then that is a film that creates awareness. Apart from entertainment, it plays a major role in transforming the structures and at the same time abiding by the root values and generates dialogue, sparks policy change, and activates communities around key social issues. They change the perception of individuals; add new dimensions and perspectives through the popularly conceived stories. The history of world cinema has undergone a long and intensive course of research, creation, and application of new methodologies that could create a spark in the minds of people. Numerous techniques have been tested and applied to give film making a place in the finest of performing arts across the globe. They tend to address certain issues that do not find enough space in other media.

When a film has something to say about some kind of issue, it offers an explicit or implicit interpretation of the issue. The meaning may also usefully be thought of as the expression and communication of an impression, an observation, a reflection, or a judgment about something. Further, it may take the form of an argument or be a critique of a similar phenomenon. Overall, describing a film as meaningful suggests that we perceive this film as an offering and represent something that’ll cater to our knowledge. Films have a uniquely powerful presence within human culture, education, leisure, and propaganda. It has been the most powerful medium for mass communication in India. A film is a reflection of society, both present, and past. The innovations sometimes have to catch up with society and sometimes it leads society. Films are stories; films are a way through which people come out with ideas about something they want to say to someone. Films are a form of communication and that communication comes from societies; not just where society is at present and what it is doing now but where society has been. Films can touch the hearts and minds of viewers, and if used responsibly it can carry the message of awareness and change to a global audience. Films affect perceptions and beliefs concerning the world and its inhabitants. Occasionally, a filmmaker lifts the veil from a hidden plight. It might be about injustice to a minority or the courageous story of change brought about by a single individual, and both ways it raises awareness on the issue at hand.

The evolution of movies has a way to go. The story makers have been bringing a variety of genres ranging from science to fiction to true events to the most unrealistic backgrounds and all of it being a hit. People have not been aware of a lot of things, be it sexual maltreatment or racism or things on our law system and Constitution, and everything has been covered by movies today. It plays a great role in spreading out the right message and giving out the right lessons for people to enjoy as well as educate themselves.

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