MKR Representative of Morocco

Our MKR representative of Morocco, Yssn Yssn was recently given a wonderful opportunity to attend the Convergence, World Forum that took place in Paris (3rd — 4th September, 2018).

This forum during the course of it’s time has become a key event for all the professionals who seek innovative solutions to fight poverty in the world.

The Forum offers experts and decision-makers a space for learning, networking and high level sharing to build answers together to the social and environmental challenges both in northern and southern countries.

Every year, the Convergences World Forum is the culmination of the work of the Convergences platform for thought and gathers more than 7000 attendees in Paris.

This forum also hosts the “Youth We Can” Nights, highlighting international youth work, initiatives and actions.

This year we had the honour to open this forum with Pr. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Prize Winner and Found of the Grameen Bank).

We are elated for our representative of MKR in Morocco and wish him the best for his future endeavors!

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