MKR Representative in Bangladesh

Project Advocacy now in 10th Country….!! Bangladesh.

“I believe that be the change that you want to see in the world. It’s my motivation. I am living in a community.”

- Arnika Ferdous Bristi (Graduate from Begum Rokeya University Department of Public administration in Bangladesh)

Arnika, since she was little, she has been facing challenges to change the society, not only by the society as a whole but also from her parents as well. She is a strong-willed girl who envisions in the power of one and looks forward to drawing out her contributions towards the society with the same sight.

Being an individual consistently passionate towards changing a society is not easy, but Arnika has proved this wrong time and again by taking up part in various social work, contributing endlessly towards a better and happier society.

“At last, I have less knowledge outside of the world. I want to explore the world and I think you can learn everyone and everything. I want to share my story to everyone and want to learn from other story.”

Arnika is a learner who follows the philosophy, that knowledge is never enough and that it increases with sharing.

Arnika Ferdous Bristi, is a young woman with much to learn and even more to give to society. She looks at obstacles as challenges which drive her to move forward even more. She strongly stands for the belief that if we want to develop the society we live in, contributing towards the areas of change is the only way to go about it.

We are honoured to have her as a Representative of MKR in Bangladesh, with a vision of changing the society one day at a time!
Welcome Arnika!

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