Meditation and Spirituality- a Life-Changing Experience

Over the last 50 years, spirituality and meditation practices have become widely accepted and lately very popular as they are said to be beneficial for anxiety and stress management and have been increasingly recommended and acquired by the mental health community. Due to the lockdown, most people find themselves anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and nervous about many things which make us react negatively sometimes towards others but mainly towards ourselves. In light of this, Mitti Ke Rang hosted a podcast session “In conversation with Hitika Mirg” in which our host Hardik Patni spoke to Hitika about her beautiful and inspiring journey of Spirituality and Meditation and how it changed her life.

Hitika Mirg is the founder of Heart over Heals. Her journey with Heart over Heals started when she discovered spirituality at the age of 18 when she felt like she was failing in everything that she did and she faced difficulties with her friends, family, and career. She felt as if every door had closed on her and as she fought these internal battles, she saw spirituality as an open door that drew her in. She had an intuition that spirituality would help her and that is how she decided to go on a long and difficult spiritual journey. She soon started going to schools where she taught small children about meditation and how to embody love, peace, and harmony and that is where her journey with Heart over Heals began.

Hitika describes meditation as “something you truly enjoy and are devoted to, it makes you forget about the world around you and opens your mind to things you didn’t know.” She explains that meditation is the first step towards spirituality and that it teaches an individual to live their life to the fullest. Many people are afraid to try meditation because they fear that they will be unable to focus or calm their minds. To make it easier for them, Hitika suggests an exercise known as the “5–4–3–2–1 technique” that she practices for concentration which helps her be more grounded as it focuses on all the 5 senses and it is the easiest and most effective way to center oneself. Her spiritual guru is Doctor and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world-renowned acupuncturist, who, from a young age was inclined towards spirituality. He decided that he wanted to dedicate his life to help people with spirituality and healing so he started a mission called Soul Healing and became a soul healer. Another inspiration is Tony Robbins, an NYT bestselling author who talks about gratitude and how we should be grateful for what we have in our lives.

When she was asked about the effects of meditation, Hitika gave an example of herself. She said that when she was younger, she was a very reckless and impulsive child who didn’t care about the consequences of her actions and as a result, she would unintentionally hurt the people she loved or she would end up in a situation that could’ve been avoided. Meditation helped her become calm and centered in life. It boosts energy and immunity and it also makes an individual more understanding, peaceful, helps them focus on their goals and dreams, and most importantly helps a person be more compassionate and loving to themselves and then others. There are many psychological benefits to meditation and spirituality too, for example, it widens your horizons and opens your mind to things you had less knowledge of, it makes you question everything you have been through, you stop relying on society’s beliefs that you were taught since childhood and you become more independent, loving and compassionate.

In medical terms, detox means the removal of toxic substances from a human body. In the same way, when you detox your mind, every toxic thought and feeling is flushed out of your life. So when Hitika felt overwhelmed with everything that was going on around her, in her family, on social media and news channels, she decided to do a detox. She locked herself in her room for three days without her phone, so she didn’t have any contact with her family or social media. While she was locked away she was faced with many realizations, one of them being that the fears and beliefs that she had, weren’t her own, instead they were influenced by the society and her family. She also realized that she had issues with self-love and self-worth and that she had many toxic relationships where she would accept bad treatment from people because she was scared of losing them. That is when Hitika’s journey of spirituality and self-love started. She also learned that she had to integrate all the positive beliefs that she was learning into her daily life and that she should deal with every emotion she felt, not only the positive ones so that she could have a balanced life.

The way Hitika Mirg lives her life is so inspiring, she tries her best to be happy and have a positive outlook even when she is faced with difficulties. She believes that meditation and spirituality help deepen the capacity to meet a social challenge directly and she finds happiness in the smallest things which is what keeps her motivated and helps her get through life.

Contributed by Glynisann Santiago content writer at The Mitti Collective

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