Marriages during the pandemic: A curse or a blessing?

“The Husband and wife bonding is like the relationship between Tom and Jerry. Even so, they are teasing and fighting, but can’t live without each other.”

We all are materialistic every time but, when it comes to love, we can fight any war! Man bonds this love in the institution of marriage in the name of holy matrimony. But, the pandemic made life difficult. To uplift this helplessness, the Government recently allowed marriages with restrictions. A nationwide lockdown caused wedding cancellations across India. But many couples were still determined to get married, swapping traditional customs with online weddings and socially-distanced ceremonies. However, the Indian govt. allowed marriages and other ceremonies with a maximum number of 50 guests. There was a stop to ‘BIG FAT WEDDINGS’.

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Nevertheless, some couples chose to swap their big fat weddings for small intimate ceremonies. Making this a new normal? Yeah! People also celebrated their love while performing social distancing and video conferencing with friends and family. Indian weddings are all about grandeur, crowd, and multiple ceremonies. In sickness and in health Knots are tied for the lifetime. Amid the pandemics, people have lost their jobs or their business got shut down., the economy has come down affecting the middle-class population, for whom marriage costs lifetime savings. this served as a window of opportunity to not just have an intimate wedding but to have it under reduced costs.

But during this pandemic, there was a ‘shocking rise’ of Child marriages. In two weeks starting 25 March, the Government child helpline received 37 calls about child marriage and 32 about child abuse. A quasi-judicial government body investigated crimes against children; said people have been conducting child marriages without any fear of law during the lockdown. there were instances wherein the name of conducting poojas in temples, young girls were married off. In every crisis like drought, we see a spike in child marriages. People try to dispose of their young girls from houses. Child marriages take place to get free labor at home so that girls can take care of elders in families and to also ensure that the men of the house do not go elsewhere seeking love. As per the sources and daily news reports people who are involved in child marriages are been arrested. However, there is a huge number across the nation but government and child help are doing their best. Marriage is a knot to be tied between two understandable and mature people, and not destroy and sabotage someone’s childhood.

Contributed by Anjeela content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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