Life skills/ life coaching for high school students

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Schools have a daunting task as they have the responsibility of nurturing more than 2000+ students at any given time. Each child comes from a different background, he/she goes through varied situations in life; they are compared to each other, body-shamed/bullied by peers, etc. Controlling such situations is a challenging task. Hence it is important to make sure children are taught how to deal with any situation rather than giving in or being depressed.

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Life skills prepare an individual to live independently in the realm of society. It not only improves the decision-making power of the students but also develops their thinking ability. Life coaching develops realistic as well as tailored set goals for the professional and personal lives of students.

Some of the skills that will help young adults to become well-rounded citizens and make them able to launch their own self-sufficient life are mentioned below.

· Time management. Learning how to properly allocate time and to view time as a valuable resource is a skill shared by all successful. Unfortunately, this skill doesn’t come naturally to everyone and needs to be developed early in life. Time management skills involve everything from managing work-family life juggle or manage time for hobbies and activities of personal interest.

· Organization. Without proper organizational skills, the future may seem chaotic and dim for many young adults. Training in an organization focuses on how to keep physical things organized, like spaces and files, as well as abstract things, like appointments and thoughts.

· Budgeting. No matter how much money today’s young adults go on to earn in the future, none of that money will accrue over time if budgeting skills are not learned. Budgeting training helps participants to learn about everything from taxes to weekly grocery allowances.

· Basic nutrition and fitness. All other life skills are moot if a participant is not healthy. Nearly 90 percent of adults in the US eat more sodium than they should and very few adults in the US — less than 5 percent — participate in daily physical activity for 30 minutes or longer. Education in fitness and nutrition aims to change these statistics.

· Professional requirements. Effective communication skills are very much required in order to succeed. Young adults need to be vocal and should know how to use their voices in a clear and affirmative manner with colleagues, friends, etc. Practical learning will help students remember these small things when they enter college or the professional world.

· Mental Health Management. Mental health is the most neglected aspect of life skills training in middle school. A study revealed that 18.2% of the population suffers from some type of mental illness. This is like every 1 in 5 adults are suffering from mental issues and sadly, many never talk about it. Encouraging students to be vocal about mental health will instill a sense of understanding in them, which will help students overcome short-term stress, anxiety, and depressed feelings.

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Conclusion: Life skills training is an integral part of effective school learning. Learning life skills early in life will help in avoiding unnecessary stress, anxiety, and risks of adult life. Through life-coaching students are able to control their own psychology by having a positive approach and turning their outlook into a more sophisticated way. The more children would understand their psychology, the more they can evaluate their inner strengths and weaknesses. The end result is a forward-thinking individual who can successfully engage in a self-sufficient lifestyle while working toward their own specific goals.

Contributed By- Jyotsna, Content writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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