Liberalism — talk of the privileged?

Mitti Ke Rang
2 min readSep 23, 2020

Liberalism, in its true sense, demands equality for all irrespective of any type of discrimination. In India, liberals are people that are against the reservation system and believe in women’s equality and support equal rights and feminism.

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Classical Liberalism vs Privileged Liberalism

The above-mentioned example comes under classic liberalism where there is equality before the law and no discrimination based on caste, race, religion, gender, and color.

Privileged Liberalism belongs to people who are from the upper cast or upper class. Privileged classes often tend to deviate from the classical liberalism concept and start taking it based on the upper and lower caste systems. Liberalism and privileged liberalism both can be used for best or for the worst, it depends on the understanding of the principles like freedom of speech can prove to be negative or positive in any situation and the way of considering it.

While liberals state that in the reservation, and special rights we do not provide scope for equality, while mostly these are people who come from a stratum that doesn’t require the reservation. While the objective behind special clauses and laws is to uplift the underprivileged and have them empowered. Sitting in a position of comfort and privilege it tends to be easier to make loud discussions and not understand the reason behind the objective, while thought it has been years and the objective is still to be met, the fight continues. The idea of liberalism through a privileged point of you is like the silver lining between equity and equality.

Liberalism has an everlasting opportunity, but it gets restricted when mixed with privilege.

Contributed by Harshita Garg content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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