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Mitti Ke Rang comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, we had a conversation with Hardik Lashkari, Founder of Content Flavor, and also a great storyteller. He explains how we can become a better content writer and also told about strategies of content writing.

One of the major takeaways from the podcast that reflects the key to content writing is that People have to understand that no one has generated the engagement overnight. Speaking to more and more people and getting insights from them; we will never get short of content. If someone copies our content, it means that he likes our content and it is copy working. To become a good content writer we must try to comment on 10–15 posts a day. If we have time, we should not waste it, we should try to level up our skills.

To generate new content ideas we must try to talk to as many people we can through any medium like zoom calls, meeting people, social media platforms, and many others. Also, we should try to know about people, journey, lifestyle, and their problems. This will help us to get new ideas to create creative content.

He discussed some habits that we should have to write content effectively:

  • We must have a content calendar to schedule our posts.
  • We should make a habit of researching content. We can research in publication, google, quora, and various other platforms.
  • Never confuse yourself while writing by thinking about should I write this or not, omitting any sentence, grammar, etc. write the entire thing you know about that topic.
  • While writing we should think that we are explaining things to a friend or a person sitting in front of us. This will help us to write sentences effectively.
  • We should try to follow a specific framework while writing our content. This will help us to get more engagement on our blogs and content.
  • We should try to find our target audience i.e. What kind of audience will be going to read our content. This will help you to make an appropriate post according to our audience requirements.
  • There is a framework called AIDA which we can follow while writing content.

A (Attention)

The starting of our blog should be attention-worthy. It means that we should make people think that our blog is going to be helpful to them.

I (Interest)

In this step, we must create an interest in people to read our content. We can do it by writing about people’s problems, journeys, interests in our blog.

D (Desire)

After creating interest, we must create a desire in the minds of the people that our content will be helpful to them if they will read it completely.

A (Action)

In the end, we should provide suggestions on what people can do to fulfill their needs. We can guide them about what they can do next.

He also talks about the three C’s of Social Media Marketing we should try to follow to get better engagement on our post:


We should write content according to our audience’s requirements and interests. So that people can engage themselves to read our content.


Try to comment on as many posts as we can. This will make people view our profile and blogs.


Always make connections with people. Because the more we connect with people, the more we will get attention over our posts.

According to him, Social media is a great tool for people to post their thoughts, views, write-ups, and creativities. Digital promotions and networking has a major weightage and can act as a complete game-changer.

Contributed By- Ankit Singhal, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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