Kota- The Educational hub. A student’s perspective

Another big dream of middle-class families beyond their earning is to make their children a Doctor / Engineer or IAS / IPS. If they want to see a blue/red light on the car, they send their children to Allahabad or Mukherjee Nagar, and if a yellow cap on the head or a stethoscope around the neck, then Kanpur or Kota.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Kota is like the dialogue of Mirzapur, “Shurwat to majboori me kiye the par ab maza aa raha hai” (We started in compulsion but now we are enjoying). Every city has a story, Kota also has. Keeping 1.5 lakh students in its lap, Kota also prepares students for the battle with JEE. Before becoming the Educational Hub it is today, Kota was known for Kota Stone, that’s why Kota students always say that there are stones on both the bottom and top of the ground. It all started in 1981 when V.K. Bansal started teaching and the turning point came when the first student cleared IIT JEE in 1985 and it was in 1991 when Bansal classes started. Gradually, the teachers started opening up their coachings and since 1988 the Maheshwari brothers were started, Allen gave the whole Kota coaching hub a new twist. In today’s time, there will be a building of Allen in every area in the new Kota. So it was a struggle to become an education hub for Kota, now let’s talk about the struggle in the education hub.

But amidst the 130 odd coaching institutions in Kota, none follow a screening. anybody can become a student and follow the dream of becoming a doctor or an engineer, but there is no idea as to whose dream it is. Kota, primarily known as a coaching center hub, has seen a series of student deaths every year. As per the data available from the district administration, 58 students ended their lives in Kota between 2013 and 2017.

The coaching classes begin their class in a slag a little difficult to understand. The topper of the class becomes just another average student amidst the 200 people put in a class. There are weekly exams but each week becomes a struggle to get through and Apart from all of these, through the rising and falling, one learns to fight both time and life. This is how Kota Teaches the journey from JEE to life.

Contributed by Pradum Pal, content writer Mitti Ke Rang

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