Journaling and mental health

Putting pen to paper is a mystical way to access our most profound truths. Documenting little details of everyday life becomes a celebration of who we are.

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The practice of keeping a personal journal is more profound during adolescence when the idea behind having to write down everything seemed more logical and therapeutic. But most commonly this fleets away as one grows older and there is this idea of digitally exploring and expressing. The point is, digitally one isn’t true to self, it becomes a continuous process to please others. adulthood is messier and much more complicated yet, we fail to understand ourselves.

In contrast, journals and diaries are the hometown to awkward, embarrassing, ugly, and also sweet dramatic moments that belong only to a secret part of us — our journals. It’s a place to test new ideas without fearing the comments or judgments by anyone except for the future us, who’ll read it back again. It is the unedited, uncurated conversation with ourselves about us.

The journey from a teenager’s diary to an adult’s writeup is journaling. Journaling is not exclusively for anyone it is for everyone who can write. Just writing down will not get you benefits of journaling, but effective journaling results in positive outcomes and improve the quality of life.

There are some benefits of writing which one won’t even notice but will gradually understand. Expressive writing deals with what one thinks and feels. It is linked to improving mood, reducing stress, etc. One starts communicating clearly, handling the emotional quotient and practical thoughts. It helps us understand complex ideas effectively. Apart from all of these, journaling is the most effective way of self-introspection, avoiding overthinking to a large extent.

If you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal is a great idea. It helps you learn control over your emotions and mental health. Write journals, gratitude notes, or even letters to self and maybe to others as well.

“ You might not write well every day but you can always edit a bad page, you cannot edit a blank page!”

Contributed by ISHWARI AMBRE content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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