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In life’s race, not everyone wins. The results are fruitful for some and infertile for some. As one goes through the rollercoaster of life, one learns to remain stable and complacent in all situations. Each new day gives a new opportunity, new hope, new possibility and a new beginning to be better. The person who has experienced failure has a sense of taking the time and evaluating the reason behind it. Nothing can prepare us to face challenges in life except experience. It is important to scrutinize the reason for the failure to reach the zenith. The key to overcoming failure is to a step forward and improve. Introspection is necessary to improve the required skills. Always winning gives us a false sense of being proficient and overconfidence always.

The “always win the race” tendency of society is really harmful, as it can adversely affect one’s mental health. People need to understand the importance of participation over winning. Parents and teachers are the one’s who set a great example for us. It is for that they support their child, build a positive attitude and not dissuade them by comparing with others in any way. There is always a need for inspiration to go forward and tackle all problems. They help us in being a better person each day giving a strong and firm approach towards life. Those are one’s who motivate us to grow more.

It’s true that failure puts us down in despair. But that’s not the end of everything. It’s important to get up every time you fall and start fresh. Disheartening and quitting won’t help to grow further. There is something to learn in everything. It is necessary to struggle and set an example for others too. As mere humans, we all impulsively want to protect ourselves. If something is tough or painful, we immediately shy away from the challenge. I mean, there’s a reason that we have termed human being as the who enjoys pain and no term for the one that enjoys joy. It’s absolutely normal wanting to win, to want to feel good about yourself. The ones with the ability to have a self-check and find ways to address their failures without falling apart are the ones who ultimately succeed.

Following are some healthy ways to cope with failure:
• Try and develop realistic thoughts about failure
• Ask yourself what you can learn
• Face your Fear of Failure

Does victory feel better than defeat? Of course! Is defeat the end of the world? Far from it. Victory is not everything while it may feel good to win and defeat doesn’t have to be either, losing actually goes a long way to making you a better person. What are your views? Don’t you learn from your losses?

Contributed By- Vishakha Vijay Changedia, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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