Mitti Ke Rang is happy to share the timeline of our partnership with The Orchid Hotel !

It has just been a few months since we started with Project Women at MKR, wherein we aimed at providing skills such as stitching and weaving to the widows and women. In the beginning we were not sure whether this idea of getting into cloth and paper bag production would be a good option. Nonetheless, we embarked on the journey and many women came aboard, to learn, grow and develop this skill set.

Over the course of time we used social media, exhibitions and conferences to put out the word about our MKR cloth and paper bags. Hence, the word started spreading.
Right from the beginning of MKR, we truly believed in helping anyone we could, and a series of such helpings, led us to connect and bag a contract with one of the big five star hotels in Pune.

We didn't sign the contract at the very beginning. Instead we met to discuss a plan for organising an event in collaboration with the hotel on the eve of Women's day. We are really thankful to Karma Team for coming up with this amazing idea and connecting MKR and The Orchid hotel. The idea was to organise the event of Women's day at The Orchid, where our team would be teaching the staff of the hotel, how to make bags out of newspaper. The Event was successful, and along with that The Orchid gave us a big donation of clothes and also hosted a delicious lunch for the entire team!

We did promote this event on our social media and received a lot of appreciation for giving our women this exposure.
Many of our women had never visited a five star hotel before, so for many of them it was one of the best experiences of their life . Many news agencies had covered this initiative and the women from MKR were so happy to see their pictures on the newspaper! They were beyond excited to show this to their friends and families.

After this we had a meeting where Orchid was looking forward to make this collaboration into a sustainable model. Orchid being a 100% eco friendly hotel, was more keen in replacing their plastic bags (which they used for Laundry and to deliver newspapers) by our handmade newspaper bags. The idea was to help MKR employ more women and give employment to as many as we can. We could not be happier listening to their vision and so together we worked on a probable solution. And when our samples were approved by The Orchid, the deal was sealed. They also promised to help us with two other important things, i.e. giving the newspaper for the bags and also support the transportation of the bags every month.

This is how an idea transformed into a full fledge business deal which is not only supporting employment for our women entrepreneurs but also helping in doing our bit for the environment and giving the message of paper bags and going green for our planet.


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