Internships during lockdown

An internship is the first step for any graduate student towards an industry or an organization. It’s hard to see positivity amid a pandemic, especially if one has lost internship or placement. but the bright side is, the pandemic has also normalized remote working, and thus there are plenty of virtual opportunities for internships. The entire country had is under lockdown since March and April-May are the months for internship opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students. Most of the universities require the students to complete a month-long or more internship and completion of this component is necessary to complete the course. While the lockdown closed the path to internships in the industry, it gave thousands of online opportunities. Thanks to remote working that enabled graduate students to continue their internships and interviews. Online learning based internships like content writing, graphic designing, video editing, programming based web development, app development, AutoCAD work, etc. are still going on. Meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Jiomeet, skype, etc are becoming important as well as the only means of communication between interns and organizations.

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However, another aspect of this also exists. There have always been reports of exploitation of interns, as in some cases even reports of harassment. Similarly, in some cases of unpaid internships, interns often do not get the result of their full potential. Interns join an organization to gain some knowledge and experience about how to work with the organization, But these types of organizations give them work which is not related to their knowledge, like photocopying, taking appointments, and receiving online orders. With no fixed working hours these days because of the changing environment, there is also overburdening of work to the interns. Though an internship is a great opportunity to learn, the approach of the educational institutions and the organizations need to change.

Contributed by Pradum, content writer at Mitti Ke Rang
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