International Day of Democracy.

On 8th November 2007, the UN General Assembly decided to make 15th September to be observed as the International Day of Democracy annually. People and organizations, whether Government or Non-Government are all encouraged to recall and respect the significance of International Democracy day. It provides a robust, active, and vocal civil society. Its main purpose is to raise awareness among the people about the concept of democracy. It is like a way of recalling that “ Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people “ as righteously said by Abraham Lincoln.

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We often get to hear that democracy is under threat, people are not safe in a democratic country and people often question the entire concept of democracy. Whereas the process is handed over to them, to the citizens of the country who possess the power to choose their leader. As we look closely into it, we’ll know that “the values of freedom, respect for human rights and the postulate of holding periodic and genuine elections by universal right to vote“ are the most crucial elements of democracy. Not only this but democracy in turn provides a natural environment for the effective realization and protection of human rights.

Most people are ignorant about participation, but democracy works best when the result is obtained based on maximum participation. We never get to know what sort of opinion some people might hold about a particular candidate if they never cast their vote. This justifies the soul theme of the day and so spreads awareness among people and makes them understand that Political participation, civic space, and social dialogue make up the very foundation of good governance and it works with the idea of people giving their contribution at their level best. It is no surprise that nowadays civic space is observing a fall off in the whole world at an alarming rate.

The purpose of this day is to convey to the citizens that “Election day is not a holiday”, to tell people that participation is important, voting is important. We know that many people don’t cast their votes as they think “one vote isn’t going to make any difference”, but as a matter of fact, it does!

Contributed by Varun Modi content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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