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The beauty of nature always fascinates us. There are a lot of creatures and diversity on the mother Earth that amaze us with their essence and charm. One of those surprises constitutes magnificence Jellyfishes.


Jellyfish is the creature that makes a person standstill, they cannot look anywhere in front of this fascinating gift of God.

Lifespan: 1 year

Weight: up to 2 kg

Body size: 2 cm to 2 m

Food: fish, plants and other species of jellyfish


Let’s take a ride to some facts about jellyfish !

They are not a kind of fish. These are invertebrates, means that they do not backbone and they absorb oxygen from the water through membranes.

According to a fact,

In 1991, over 2000 jellyfish polyps were blasted into space to test how they reacted to the lack of gravity.

And the fact that came in front of scientists leaves them awestruck!

Those jellyfish reproduced in space and created over 60,000 jellies.

In Utah, a preserved fossil was found (in 2007). It was 505 billion old.


Do you know? Dinosaurs lived from about 245 million to 66 million approx.


Jellyfish predates Dinosaurs!


More facts are as follows:

  • About 5 % of the body contains structural proteins, muscles and nerve cells
  • Remaining 95% is water in their body
  • Some of them species can produce light.
  • The TURRITOPES jellyfish are immortal.
  • Box jellyfishes have a cube-shaped body. Moreover, they are considered to be the most venomous marine in the world.
  • A collection of jellyfish = a bloom, smack or swarm.
  • There are over 25 edible species of them. Typically, used in salads or pickles.
  • Box jellyfish can kill an adult because they have lethal venom in their body.
  • The cardiac attack may happen if they sting anyone.
  • They are found in oceans worldwide. In Addition to it, they are found at the bottom of the ocean and near the surface too.

Such creatures hold several amazing facts and mysteries within them. The facts always catch our attention and we wish to glare at them and appreciate the beauty of nature. This inspires the researchers to discover and solve their mazes.

Contributed by Tannu Rani, Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang.

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