India’s low divorce rate

It is quite surprising to hear that India has the lowest divorce rate as compared to other nations. The highest percentage of divorces is in Luxembourg. As per the statistics, out of 100 marriages, 1 marriage is prone to get divorced. This is a shocking number as compared to other world nations. However, in rural areas, the number of divorces is low in contrast to the divorces in urban areas. Marriages in India are a valuable celebration between the two families. Indian parents and other respective relatives work hard to find the right match for their children. There are various reasons for the marriage failure that causes divorce, but in India, the toxic marriage is not easily mended. The reasons behind these are many but the main one is that they are expected to compromise and still struggle to be happy.

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The first reason behind it is the Indian Values and Beliefs. It is stated that Indian marriages aren’t between two people but between two families. Couples find it difficult to convince their families to end their relationships as families try to settle the disputes between the wife and husband at all costs. Due to this, they have to continue their relationships for the sake of the family’s happiness. In India, individual happiness is last on the list.

Secondly, the Patriarchal society doesn’t let women to independently move on. Even though in India many women are independent but they are still considered to belong to the husband’s family. The custom of “Kanya Dan” is an inherent part of Indian Marriages. Additionally, in India, various value systems can’t be quite defended with logic. for example, they say that once married, only death can set the couple apart.

Last but not the least women feel more belonging to their families than men. They always try to compromise and settle the disputes for the sake of their children, in-laws, or many others except for their own happiness. They think the lives of their children will get spoiled if the couple gets divorced. Nevertheless, the economic dependency of women on their husbands is another reason for the minimal number of divorces in India.

Beyond all these points, one of the major problems is the lack of access to legal services for women. In India, there are more cases of separation that divorce and this is because of various reasons, but one major one being the fact that it is expensive and time-consuming to get a divorce, and women choose to stay at their parents’ house better, cheaper and faster than to get divorced. Also in some odd way, the stigma associated with separation is way lesser than that associated with divorce.

The law does safeguard the rights of married women in India, but the accessibility of the same is still a question.

Contributed by Anjeela Prabhakar content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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