Indians and the obsession with what others think.

Humans as a species are very curious to know how they’re being perceived by others. I won’t say only Indians, but yes we do crave validation. The validation from society, be it status, looks, studies, lifestyle, etc.

This is a liberal society in which everyone is judged. If you do things your way, you are wrong. If you do things their way you are in demand. If you follow the trend you are updated and if you carry yourself with whatever you are comfortable with then you are undesirable and unacceptable. People will ask you to be yourself and at the same time you are expected to do ordinary things and act ‘Normal’ well normal here is what the society thinks is ‘Normal’. The protocols are exponentially high as Indians are diversely cultured, have different opinions, have the freedom to express and this feeling is inevitable. One will always find different people with different perspectives.

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Today when we look around we will find people labeling you, us, them, and everyone around them. No matter how hard we try, getting over those labels is never going to happen. Our society is an everlasting competition. Who’s better? Who’s more talented? Who’s more Rich? Etc. We come across a thousand situations like this.

Introspect this, how many times have you held back your tears when you fell or felt bad about something but couldn’t cry. Why? Just because people might make fun of you. 100 times, maybe even more! On an everyday scale, this happens. We held back ourselves from doing what we want just because we think what others will think. To be yourself in a country that is doing its best day and night is the hardest battle any human being can fight but never stop fighting.

This obsession with what other people might think leads to stress and affects mental health and results in the behavior of a person which he/she doesn’t intend to do but is influenced to do.

The shift from what others think to what we think is very important, the current society and generation are in a dilemma of struggling between acceptance, self-love, and happiness. There is hope to reach there soon.

Contributed by ISHWARI AMBRE content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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