In Conversation with Ashwani Bhati on Tourism

The journey of Ashwani Bhati from being an engineer to the junior ambassador in the world food travel association is been described by Khushi Tiwari in this podcast.

As every Indian parent wants their child to get a perfect 9 to 5 job his parents also wished the same. Ashwani also tried to fulfill their parent’s dream by working in a mobile manufacturing company for about a year. But then he thought about changing the people instead of changing the world so, he resigned from his job and moved to Gandhi Aashram in Ahmedabad. Where he worked as a volunteer in a cafe and ashram and in return they provided him free food and accommodation.

He met foreigners, various tour guides, and people working in the tourism industry. From here he gets to know more about the degree and MBA to get and he pursued both of them. But the main issues were people did not believe in him so he had to convince them with his
work and had to share his vision and dreams with the people to make them believe in him. As per him, we have to prove our self-first to get a job or to start our own venture. We first need to research the company and its requirements from us and we have to set our goals based on it to get a job and to connect with people easily. He started his first job by taking a
domestic tour in Ladakh. According to him, pandemic did not affect him as it affects others as he kept himself busy in marketing, connecting with new people, sharing their experience, doing photo shop, talking
to friends and relatives, reading books, playing games etcetera. But most importantly being a part of the college alumni association and world food association helped him majorly in surviving the pandemic.
He also shares an experience about how he feels that booking was a prank but on the other side it was real and how he completed the booking in old Delhi by taking every safety precaution.

Two things that he learned from the pandemic is that,
1) If this pandemic situation occurs again just say yes to all the opportunities and try it at least once.
2) Life is about feeling happy and sad it’s our choice about how we feel.
He also advises future or current pursuing students to put aside all the shame and rumors and dive into domestic tourism as it is getting more and more recognizable than ever.

Also, be a part of promoting and securing the culture of food communities.
If we talk about his future plans he considers food as a way to communicate with other cultures and people. He will continue to search for a more unique way to attract customers in the same field. At last, if he had a chance to advise 5 to 10 year younger himself then he will advise reading some books based on tourism.

Contributed by Mahrshi Dixit Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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