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The credibility of a business is a very important fact in today’s online era. We have seen many online businesses or many businesses, cold calling customers, round the clock for selling their service. But how people judge their credibility? It is not possible to verify that by visiting the shop or going after their registration number. So, what should a common man do to get some belief in the company? He looks up if the company has a website or not. Why website? Nowadays people judge the company by the appearance of the website of the company. So here we solve our first website use case ‘Credibility”

So, the boom of online retail business or E-commerce has really changed the gears of the retail shopping industry. The ease of online transactions has been a great facilitator of this industry’s growth. So, what all E-commerce keeps an edge over the brick and mortar business. One of the most important advantages is the recommendation system which enables the business to inculcate an attitude of higher spending among the customer by showing them products based on their needs or preferences. Next is it utilizes all the user data and syntheses a personalized experience through sending ads or mails of a particular product segment or a product relevant to the customer. Thus, increasing the conversion rate of customers and efficient use of the marketing budget. So, these are some of the edges the Online retail business has over the Brick & Mortar Business.

Businesses all across the world want to reach more and more new potential targets every day. Earlier this was done through newspaper ads, billboard marketing, or TV commercials. But now with a good website and proper use of SEO in a few clicks a customer can see the business work. We spent more of our time on the internet than gazing over the window to billboards to reading newspapers. So, it increases the business to reach exponentially.

During this time of crisis when physical movements are limited, we need online channels to promote the business. The world is living with the help of apps and websites. How? You use Zoom, Google Meet, or any other to conduct a meeting or online classes. You carry out your workout on Cure fit App or read the news on Economic Times App or you order groceries on Big basket or you watch movies and shows on Netflix and the list goes on…

So, this crisis demands all the small businesses to digitalize their business and adjust to this new way of business. The contactless Business model is based on an online medium. One small example to relate to this piece in a better way. Some vegetable vendors are getting their orders through Google Forms and delivering them to the houses. These vendors have been supported and appreciated for their initiative to start a contactless business using technology.

Contributed By- Soham Roy, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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