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3 min readSep 11, 2020

School life has always been a tremendous journey with several ups and downs along its way. We really cannot deny the fact that at some time in our school life we have felt low and have hoped that we had someone to rely on during such tough times. These are the times when we seek counselling. What exactly is counselling? Counselling is a form of professional guidance to resolve our personal and psychological problems. But most of us would have experienced that we never really had a shoulder to rely on back then, never a person who could help us tackle our personal and psychological issues. Wouldn’t things be really easy if we had a counsellor at those times to look up to?

We often say and it is also true that a person’s mental health is more important than his physical health. And there are times in school life when we are mentally disturbed due to some reasons. And that’s when counselling is required and hence the presence of a counsellor is indispensable in schools these days.

You must be wondering of instances when we face such a situation in school life Alright, let me list a few & I bet you’ll definitely relate with at least one!

•low grades and family pressure.

•relationship distress

•physical abuse

•emotional abuse

•FOMO(fear of missing out)

•bullying and ragging

•lack of coping skills

•examination stress

  • other personal problems

The above mentioned are a few of the myriad number of factors due to which a person might get disturbed. Apart from all this, every person is unique from within and should be respected as a whole i.e physically as well as mentally.

Alas, but nowadays personal and psychological problems in school going kids have become so widespread that the presence of a counsellor in schools really cannot be compromised.

What does a counsellor do to make you feel better?

Counsellors are trained professionals who listen to your problems and provide easy and effective solutions to it. Trained professionals don’t indicate that they’re very formal and strict, they are totally not. Rather, they are the most loving and friendly faculty a school has! You may approach them with any problems, be it your study problems, mental illness, relationship issues, future plans dilemma, etc. They’ll always have a solution to it. And yes, a solution you can agree with and implement. That’s what makes them a unique part of the faculty, a teacher mentor/friend who you can rely on during your lowest of times in school.

But the sad reality is that most of the schools in our nation don’t have the facility of a counsellor. But those that have are really lucky to have them. Imparting quality education is the primary aim of a school but parallelly schools should also address the personal and psychological problems that a large number of students face in schools. Teaching is not effective when the student on the receiving end isn’t mentally stable and in a jolly mood. Hence, counsellors are a boon to the educational system. Schools should look forward to implementing a strategy where education & the student’s personal and mental problems are tackled hand in hand. Then only will our young talented buds bloom to become the best of flowers in the future!

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