Importance of Blogging for Social Enterprise

In the present era, we are witnessing an upsurge in the number of young entrepreneurs in Social Enterprises. But they require a platform for online visibility and popularity among the audience in the field. Blogging is one such medium to connect with your audience and promote business growth. It not only educates the client about your business but also aids in building a trustworthy relationship with customers.

Here are certain key points one needs to keep in mind in order to create a market through blogging:

1. Keep your Blog alive by giving latest and catchy updates

2. Encourage the feedbacks, suggestions or comments from the readers

3. Express your business statement through your content

4. Show your expertise and value in the market through your content

5. Impart them knowledge about your company and don’t solely sell your products

6. Provide extensive evergreen knowledge which is uniquely crafted to attract attention

7. Encourage links from other similar resources to authenticate and grab more attention for your content

8. Feel free to share your presentations and videos on your blog

9. Don’t forget to declare your offers in the end

10. Share your blogs on social media websites to grab more audience

Let’s have a glance at some influencers in the field of social enterprise in terms of utilizing blogging for globalizing their company:

1. B Lab

It’s the only non-profit organization that allocates B Corp Certification, which is known to estimate the environmental and social performance of a company. Their Blog page includes advice on improvising towards the requirements of the Corp model.

2. Social Entrepreneurship on

Written by Nathaniel Whittemore, it imparts the readers with outstandingly insightful and premium content which is worth giving a reading.

3. Mashable’s Social Good Blog

As a beginner in the social enterprise sector, it’s an amazing place to start up with. It includes inspirations and discoveries across the globe, along with takes up conversations on various social issues.

4. Social Enterprise Alliance

A national membership organization which blogs weekly about the headers and top updates regarding events in the industry.

5. Social Enterprise Ambassador blogs

The leading social entrepreneurs in the UK, they post blogs that are not only fascinating and enjoyable but also provide insights and innovations in the sector.

6. Next Billion

It focuses on insights and enterprises that profit the lowermost two-thirds of low-income employment and purchasers. It intends to unite the companies that aim at examining the link between enterprise and advancement.

7. Guardian Sustainable Business

Its blogs can be seen with content that prioritize the sustainability of the environment. If one intends to support the sustainability movement in the sector, they should never miss their posts and discussion threads.

Contributed By- Simran Khurmi, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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