Impact of lockdown on the social sector

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It is certainly true that coronavirus and lockdown have impacted people across boundaries. Transport was stopped, shops were closed, schools, colleges, offices have been shut down. It took a while for us to come out of the corona fear and adapt to new normal. With lockdowns being extended consistently for about the past 3 months, many IT companies, media sectors, education, have already moved up online. But what about people working in the social sector, like people associated with NGOs, social ventures, not-for-profit agencies, social workers, research scholars etc..who closely work with/for people and society. Many NGOs are united together and collectively working towards people affected during COVID-19 by providing ration, medical supplies, face masks, etc.

When everyone stayed at home to protect themselves from coronavirus, people working in the social sector stepped out of their comfort zones to lend a hand to victims. Job insecurities are a serious concern during a pandemic, but many social workers, NGO volunteers put social cause in front before their personal needs. Psychologists, counselors, NGOs working for women, children, social workers, etc are the important agencies working on and off the field. With an increase in domestic violence cases, mental health problems local NGOs become a huge answer at the end of the call. Also in order to understand people’s problems and work towards societal development, social workers and researchers need to visit the field for case studies and data collection for relief works.

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Despite the tremendous work done, there are numerous challenges faced by them. For say, lack of necessary resources, funds, staff, support from local institutions, etc.

The situation is shabby for the social sector. Governments should acknowledge civil societies, as well as work done by researchers and social workers who acted as a huge support system during this crisis. Post lockdown, the scenario will never be like before. Social distancing is a must, masks and sanitizers are mandatory. It is not going to be easy. But still, we can work on it. All we need is support and empathy towards each other. Let us promise ourselves, to cooperate with the people who work for us and extend our support, gratitude to them.

Contributed By- Krishna Lalitha, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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