Impact of lockdown on street dogs

In the midst of this precarious lockdown situation and its impact on several sections of our society, animal right activists have kept highlighting how it continues to affect the street dogs and birds. With more and more people continuing to stay indoors, most restaurants and markets closed which are the vital source of food — the street dogs are finding it difficult to find food.

Those who used to feed them on a daily basis have also stopped doing so, possibly because of rumors linking them to be carriers of the novel coronavirus. They are starving and some may even die if this condition persists.

To address this dire situation many NGOs and local communities have already taken an initiative. Volunteers from these institutions step out every day to feed the dogs and ensure they are not left to starve. Due to shortage, they have also been working towards getting donors to sponsor dog food. People living in communities under green and orange zones have slowly started feeding dogs after news outlets mention the spread of the virus from animals, particularly street dogs, is considered to be low or negligible.

Let’s take a look at some of their works regarding the same:

Karma Foundation (Pune) — is an animal welfare society with the vision & mission to help street animals in the best possible way utilizing the available resources optimally. They believe in utilizing the existing workforce of Vets & volunteers to help the animals in need area wise & funding the treatment of such stray animals on a subsidized & case merit basis.

In association with Royal Canin, they have fed 30,000 plus dogs across Pune and PCMC.

Good Samaritans (Hyderabad & Warangal)- this NGO started in the year 2011 and works towards providing food, shelter, and free medicines to destitute and the old frail without a financial back up in their sunset years.

According to recent reports they have been feeding almost 1500 helpless and hungry street dogs every day across different locations in various cities.

Contact details- Phone: +913502836586; +919515310420

Landline: +9140 27940981


RESQ Charitable Trust- works towards reducing human-animal conflict on the streets of Pune, India since 2007. They rescue and rehabilitate over 12,000 injured and sick street animals every year, run a Free Street Animal Hospital, conduct education and awareness sessions on peaceful urban co-existence, and run Rabies related field and research work programs. Though low on the skeletal workforce during this lockdown, it has been working hard to feed over 50,000 dogs.

Contact details- RESQ Phone (Pune): 9890999111

RESQ Phone (Lonavala): 7522–946–946

Oneness Foundation (Kochi)- an NGO that conducts adoption drives and rescue operations of street dogs. Here they follow the concept that whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a human, we all are one. All forms of life are one, there’s no difference.

The corona warriors from this NGO step out every day for hours to feed over 1000 street dogs and carry a mix of dog food as well as wet food prepared by their people and volunteers for feeding dogs, cats, birds, even rats.

Feeding of strays is part of an urban city, just like traffic jams and shopping malls. The more the strays will be fed, the more they will be calm and won’t harm anyone in the society. So keep feeding stray dogs in your surroundings with complete prevention by wearing gloves and masks. We all should come forward to contribute towards this noble cause.

Contributed by- Umme-Aiman Rampurwala, content writer @Mitti Ke Rang

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