Impact of Fashion Influencers on Youth

Mitti Ke Rang
4 min readJul 24, 2020


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Fashion, the temperament you can buy, it’s what makes some people look fun and wonderful and what makes most men in their 20’s wear varieties of a plaid button-up shirt every single day and I would be busy ignoring these experimental trends, one of those is lehenga with white sneakers. I mean, this wouldn’t have been in trend unless Aamir khan would have worn this in his movie named PK.

In India, there has been a revolutionary shift from an industrial phase to the mass media phase and finally on the way to master the digital phase.
YouTube, Instagram, and snap chat are the most popular online platforms among teens.

According to the Global social media research summary, 2018, the entire population around the world is 7.593 billion, and out of which 3.196 billion people are active social media users.

On our social media, we come across the newly built community of influencers, social media influencers are those people who have established credibility in a specific industry naming fashion, tech, etc.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Fashion influencers are one of those influencers who have an enviable fan following that operate into thousands; from the direction on pairing an aqua bag pack to uniting a strange pair of shoes with a pair of shorts and a blazer, to coupling a linen saree with a slinky top and sneakers. They curate myriad glances like there and graze it to their hungry followers who dribble it up and confer soapy compliments, complete with the most evocable emojis.

We choose influencers over celebrities because influencers are the ‘trendsetters’ of this refreshed world. The relationship between an influencer or content creator and a viewer is more like a friendship rather than a fanship and that’s the relatable X-factor and hence we mostly say “someone like me”.

But in the world of fast rapid alterations, Young generations don’t realize most of these influencers, who are affecting them by their luxurious brands, luxurious lives, are in a way, very well established into their careers, they are set up in life or they can afford these luxuries but no one can’t skip encountering the certainty. The influence has become so destructive, that nowadays, younger generations have become impressionable. The younger generation is being influenced by what they are seeing online and to keep up with the society or to fit in blindly follow the trends and end up spending their parent's money.
The social factors which are being ignored while walking over the road full of roses(social media ), that are being experienced by a teen are
1) Insecurity, that someone else is happier, someone else is wearing the top brands, someone got a new expensive bag and I can’t buy a simple purse and these thoughts are very common and lead to insecurities.
2) ’Economy of attention’ that is. social currency, the way a rupee or a dollar has value, similarly there is an economy of attention, where everyone is in lead and many of us are not and that’s okay because it is always wise not to walk in the herd.
3) F.O.M.O fear of missing out, can be better explained by a term (loser):” quoted by the real world.
So, It is never too late. It is never impossible (to make it stop), regardless of how old one is.
A cure to this immoral impact can be active mediation.
An individual’s “interpersonal involvement with a media personality through mediated communication is called PSR(parasocial relationship), we can make it stop by parental active mediation. Parental active mediation refers to the conversations that parents can have with their children about social media and can give them actual knowledge about the right content and wrong content. Enclosing, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and we are humans, we have been gifted with cerebral capacities which no other animal has, and to make right choices using it is a step towards living a peaceful life where no one can manipulate you.
Neither work is less important nor any job everyone has their role to play, we are the ones who can make it work and we are the only ones who can make it stop. The choice is yours.

Contributed By- Urvashi Kori, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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