Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism

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The Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) a worldwide pandemic originated from China has adversely affected every possible stratum of the economy across the globe. This deadly virus has a huge influence on the tourism sector as well. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the tourism sector was growing rapidly as it supports a large employment base and results in huge profits. The tourism industry is one of the industries which is easily affected by the
global crisis. A lot of restrictions on travel emerged and the demand amidst travellers collapsed.

Travel feeds the adventure prone soul which desires to explore the world and wants no limitations and provides a ray of hope in one's life. Even if travel is permissible again, it is very crucial to keep in mind that the COVID-19 virus is still there around us and travelling is not safe hence take necessary precautions and travel only if it is necessary. This pandemic has placed the tourism industry under substantial economic strain. This pandemic has
resulted in obligatory quarantines, entry bans, or alternative restrictions for the native of or recent travellers to the affected areas.

Medical tourism is facing a notable problem caused by the shortage of manpower in various hospitals. Due to prohibited travelling on flights, people travelling from other countries to India for treatments like Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, etc. has reduced drastically decreasing the medical value. Also because the international borders are closed to tackle the pandemic, people seeking medical help from other countries has impacted adversely on medical

India has been recognized as a destination of sacred tourism by tourists globally. The Indian tourism market offers a diverse portfolio of niche tourism products- accommodations, medical, sports, religious, film, eco-tourism, transportation, restaurants, rural and religious tourism. The tourism industry in India brings about significant gains to the Indian economy and contributes to the international output. India is one of the desired tourist destinations in Asia. The beauty of India attracts tourists internationally. Tourism promotes the growth of cultural activities. India is said to be the world’s richest natural
heritage because of its natural scenery, excellent architecture, beautiful beaches, hill stations, wildlife, forests, majestic forts, grand festivals and its culture. The varied topographical locales of India amuse the tourists.

In recent years, India has shown magnificent progress in the tourism sector. But now, due to this global pandemic, the tourism sector experienced a major loss. Its time to give up traditional mentality based on stereotypes and finally begin acting from a virtuous perspective. After all, our foremost objective is a jovial future for all who live on Earth, our common home.

Contributed By- Vishakha Vijay Changedia, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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