Impact of COVID-19 on Nature and how to be ethical towards it after the lockdown is over

The world is standstill but the flow of nature is continuing…

Nature, one of the key human pollution victims, has always been harmed by us. But during the few days when we were locked up by a virus, we saw nature healing itself. Some day to day harm we cause to nature is driving our cars, using plastic, use of many machines leading to a huge amount of carbon emission. But for once when all this stopped suddenly, we say we are self-healing our Mother Earth. After decades many parts of India witnessed the snow-capped mountains of Himalayas from the naked eye which was not possible earlier due to pollution. Ganges River pollution level dropped drastically. A flock of pink flamingos marched towards Mumbai amidst lower human activity in the city brought happiness to everyone.

Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

So, we are witnessing the changes that we can bring just by staying in four by four walls for a few days. But when this standstill world starts to move its wheels will it be all the same as now? No, so what we do to keep the smiles on our nature the same as it is now. We need to take some steps like minimal use of personal vehicles. Try to adapt to public transport with safety precautions. We should also try to adapt ourselves to newer technology like EV, solar-powered power banks, etc. Work from Home was one of the key changes that swept our life during this lockdown. So, after so many days of WFH can we think this to be a long-term engagement. Many IT companies are now shifting most of their employees to WFH for a very long period. Remote working will be a common thing for sure, and setting a comfortable workspace at home will be the first step to the WFH lifestyle. Then another important aspect we can work on is gardening or growing a few vegetables in our houses. It’s sounding too weird but this lockdown gave us time to change and open our mind to new ideas and possibilities.

Photo by Vadim kaipov on Unsplash

There will be some very big changes to our lives post COVID and we need to be prepared for them. We might see cloud kitchens and no more dine-in or take away systems. So, let’s be prepared for this change and try to keep this world a healthier place for every species living on this planet.

Contributed By- Soham Roy, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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