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Women Entrepreneur’s Meetup - Vishakapatnam…!! 🌍♥️

If you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for you too.

The Mitti Ke Rang Women entrepreneurs community has an intention to build a tied knitted network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women.

With just 3 Days of promotions, we were able to invite more than 40 Women Entrepreneurs from Vizag!

The most diverse crowd of our Meetups — from an Auto driver to Mrs India; from a Mahila Police officer to a Doctor, this Meetup has received an active participation from a wide spectrum of Women Entrepreneurs.

The most important feedback we received was that they had never come across such a platform where they could meet so many different Women Entrepreneurs, just like themselves! This really boosted their motivation as they now look forward to more such Meetups!

On this note, Mitti ke rang also officially announcess the very dedicated Dr. Sheetal Madan as an Ambassador of Vizag city and thanks her for the fantastic work done for the meet up and JC Santoshini for taking care of the minute details and making the women entrepreneur's meet up a grand success.

We thank all our partners for all their support towards helping us in Organising this wonderful Meetup, Mrs. Anusha & JCRam Raju from Kurtossh for the wonderful Venue, Mr. Uday from Hello Vizag, RJ Indu of Radio mirchi for the exclusive interview n hosting and Chandrasekhar of Naked wolves for photography. And most importantly our super connector Mr. Adnan Sabuwalla without whom whom this event wouldn't have been possible.

Join us in making Women Entrepreneurs Meetups a massive success and help us create a platform for women where they can help Connect, Network & Grow.

In that pursuit, we did a small exercise where they had to mention two things.

1) Skill ; The skills they can provide and help other women.

2) Help required — The one thing they are looking from the community to grow their business

So to help each other we did a small exercise where in we asked all to share about one skills they possess which they can pass on to someone and one help they require from the community.

Below is a compiled list of skills and help required by members who attended the meetup.

We all know how valuable it can be to get out and make connections when you don’t need the most.

1. N Naga Santoshi - Gifting solutions with art & crafts & homemade chocolates

Skill - Can help in marketing connections

2. S. MADHURI - Organic farming

Skills - can help in Networking

3. Dr. Tanusha

skill - can. serve ppl in relieving physical pains related to medical field (physio

4. G. Mounika Bhargani - I have a painting hobby. Glass, fabric, coffee, mehendi


6. DASARI Aruna - organic oil (hair oil]
Pain Relief oil

Skills - I need Marketing help for all the above products

7. A Praveena - train in Soft skills, Educate about legal Awareness, teach poor children in slum areas, Teach Dance to Deaf and Dumb.

8. K. Venketa lakshmi -

9.Bharti Jain - Any help required


11. Aruna Neelakantam - - Paintings, Crafts, Fashion designing

Help - Business (Improvement) and in my court issues

12. Sneha Neotia - I have a great rapport with relatives.. I could give referrals and help.

13. J RajaRatra Mai - I can teach crochet to people.

Help - I need a help for my daughter's sport s need a little help for my crochet material

14. K soujanya - Teaching kids
-Sanskrit slokas / Recitation
- School Education syllabus/ngo schools
- Programing

Help - Lookig for ideas like florist, jute bags manufacturing with less strain & travel.


skill - Vedic maths.
Required help - For a startup.

16. hima BINDU

Job offers, loans,

I want to introduce my products

I can deal Consumer problems

17. Sindhura Thadi

President 2020, JCI Visakha valley

know something abl Digital Marketing

- Need Networking Financial support

18. Smrite Bhatia

skill: confidence building, grooming,
english speaking, retail training, modelling

- children / women who want to pass in interviews, contact me

19. Farzana Begum

skill: empathy, fitness training, confidence

Need: clients for gym (female)


-Website, mobile apps, digital marketing
Help: marketing

21) S.RomRoja
Activity- Dance, Calligraphy, Decorations.

22) B.Sharmila
Activity- Teaching designing Garments and arya works
Need many connections to customers

23) Ranjula.v.Bhansali
Activity- can help in knowing ones health

24) M.Satyavathi
Need monetary help Don't have husband and living with c handicapped son

25) Datla. Anusha
Activity- we serve Hungarian cuisine open for birthday parties, get together, official meetings
Need- help in marketing my Restaurant. Want to communicate with entrepreneur who comes from fresh views.

26) Swathi. Rayaprolu
Activity- M.Sc Zoology college Lecturer.

27) Sangeeta. Muddapu
Activity- Health Education, Enhancing Life
Need- Networking with govt. medical System corporate work shops

28) M.pooja Rani
Activity- stocking cloth flower making
Need- chances to develop my business. Trying to develop my business by providing healthy food, need training for this.

29) Saritha.Agarwal
Activity- Teaching students, Ladies English and Hindi classes from 1to 12.
Can educate poor people who not able to pay fees
Need - Help me to make India Literate.

30) Shatmila.B
Activity-Teaching designing garments & arya works.
Need- many connection to sale products

31) Aiswarya Potnuru
Activity- good a teaching, can train people at crafting
Need- marketing help, i want to support in expanding my business (franchise)

32) Roopa.s
Activity- Montessori teacher trainee & soft skill trainer, flier making and greetings
Need - stationary and toys lead for play school in vizag

33. JC Anuradha.CH
Activity- Trained Acupressure to every person to live health without medicine.
Need - Guideline to spread the alternate therapy throughout the country.

34) lavanya

35) sneha

36) k.Rajalatha Mani

Activity- we are distributor of kangen water divisor, very useful for cancer people
Training for digital marketing and internship for Engineering students
Need- want promotion for kangen water

38)Meenu Bhushan (women police)
Activity- Teach English, legal support, educate women and children
Need- more support both respect and monetary wise, want to make more money.

39) S.Narsalakshmi
Activity- skill free rides( pregnant women, children handicapped)
Need- finance help

40) K.Nayana Kanthi
Activity- Baking
Need- have to do something in my life i.e start up.

41) Ranjula
Jain agencies
Iqube solutions
Sadu creations

We all know how valuable it can be to get out and meet people in real life. When meeting someone in person, there’s a deeper connection — a layer of trust — instantly established that takes longer to build when connecting online.



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