How work from home has lifted productivity?

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A few days ago when I got recruited in the process of “Virtual Campus Hiring”, I was finally convinced that working from home isn’t just a fad, but a necessity of the moment.

Events of this magnitude(virtual learning and working) and reach are Habit Changing.

While our studies and work were affected at the beginning of the pandemic but with the help of our instinct of learning and adaptation and due to the advancement of the technology, Students all around the country have already started to adapt to the new methods of education and people of various professions have taken their work online thus adapting to the changes made by the current pandemic. Since people are at their homes throughout the day they have started eating more healthier, getting more time to watch different movies and shows, spending more time on physical exercise with greater regularity, spending quality time with their family, and sleeping longer and sounder resulting in better efficiency.

Oddly enough, despite being away from college societies and foundations. The college students have figured that they have become better at collaborating, technical vitae, communication, and more disciplined regarding their work. This has helped us in cultivating and maintaining a healthy working relationship with our co-workers due to which we can communicate with each other better than ever which has further helped us to combat any form of stress which comes due to this isolation.

With no pre-warning or preparation, students, educators, institutions had to dive into the deep end with digital learning, webinars, and self-study systems, so it seems quite natural to be confused and worried with this rapid escalation, but I got to know significant ways to make this period fun, efficient, focussed, and full of discoveries. I used a whiteboard in front of my study table to track my progress according to my timetable, learning new concepts online, and quickly jot down reminders and updates to my plan. Hence, Learning from home can be fun and focussed too.

We all are realizing the fact that for the foreseeable future, online learning, studying, and working from home models are the most sustainable options we have. We can also create fun projects for ourselves like having a digital fun event with our peers or colleagues to have a break from stressful deadlines.

The process of virtualization is also making things easy to go for the corporate sector too.

WFH is entailing huge cost savings for corporate houses. For instance, a company planning for an ad campaign meant carrying out customer research, going through scripts, protracted negotiations, pre-production meetings, and tonnes of tasks to do. But now they can finalize the script with the advertising company over a phone call. People can take videos on their phones of themselves and forward it to the client. The clips can be assembled with a soundtrack slapped on and can be edited at someone’s home. A 1-minute-long film, costing what a 30-second film costs, can be sent for ideation, and hence the campaign can be aired with the minimum cost structure.

Thanks to the fact that people no longer lose hours out of their day sitting in the traffic as they commute to the office. We can just sit at our homes with family and can opt for online skill development. The versatility to learn online has developed a new pace during these days. Working professionals who are their early 40s and 50s and so on who at first were not able to calibrate themselves with the technical aspect of working from home and also teachers from all around the country who then faced the challenge of providing knowledge to the students at the start of the pandemic have now updated their skills and re-calibrated themselves with the new working environment which involves teaching the students with the help of the technology.

Working from home has created an effective workspace with a touch of office which thus has increased our overall productivity, it has also given us a chance to establish a working environment that is secure, up-to-date with technology, convenient, and also comfortable. Whereas this pandemic has brought hardship upon all of us but with strong determination and will we can fight this hardship and thus make the most out of this lockdown.

Contributed By- Rohinichaudhary , Content Writer@ Mitti Ke Rang

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