How to treat Covid-19 survivors after lockdown?

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readJun 8, 2020


Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

We are seeing this crisis nearing a period of time where the day to day work has to start and at the same time a shield of practices needs to follow to safeguard ourselves. So, post this lockdown across the world what will be different issues we need to face as a society. We can face issues such as ill-treating COVID recovered patients, doctors to be threatened as few doctors and a lot of patients, and many more. Then on a positive note, we can see a hygienic routine to be maintained by every individual, more technological advance to eliminate contactless business, new kind of job opportunities, etc.

So today let’s focus on an issue that is very important and let’s see all the angles to this issue. So, we start with the “Conditions of COVID Survivors Post Lockdown”. There is a high probability of creating a mindset among people of untouchability and also ill-treating the families of survivors. But on a positive note, we can think the society might cheer them up and support them in going back to their normal lives. There are patients in some parts of the world that are showing signs of distress in various body parts after recovering from this virus. It is termed to be this decade’s polio which can leave marks to many people and also shake the global healthcare industry. to create a better workplace or community we need to start sowing seeds of the post lockdown ethics and duties.

To stop this ill-treating one of the most powerful tools is “Awareness” among the society of this virus’s effects and how we should react to this situation. After this pandemic, the global system is disturbed and has to adapt to new moral codes of conduct. We need to set some new rules for our safety and also mold our mindsets to make a better society.

We as responsible citizens should take few duties to our shoulder

1. Treat the survivor’s family with respect and support them.

2. Help survivors to get daily needs and also support them financially by connecting them to NGOs or creating a fund for them.

3. Keep safe distance while speaking or working

4. Check for symptoms and if found something rush to the nearest test center.

This lockdown or the fight against COVID can be won if we work with a collaborative and supportive mindset. So let’s pledge to support each other and create an environment of positivity around us.

Contributed By- Soham Roy, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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