Let’s talk about how strange, confusing, and stressful this lockdown has been for people. Social distancing, the world economy is at a standstill and a rising global death toll with each passing day. None of it is normal. All everyone talks about is pandemic. It has stirred up all sorts of feelings like fear, anxiety, or stress. A little stress can be helpful. It can be the motivator that keeps us self-isolating, washing our hands. But constant or high levels of stress can negatively affect our mental and physical health. We are overwhelmed by constant news updates and that information overload is causing anxiety. Uncertainty about the future is a recurring theme right now.

Human beings are considered as social animals. But being home-bound and hooked on to COVID-19 news alerts might be stressful. You might be fine one day and feel totally over it the next. You might have trouble sleeping or maybe you feel a bit weird. A lot depends on your experience of this pandemic. And then there are those with pre-existing mental health issues like people with diagnosed depression who might feel particularly vulnerable right now. It’s also elderly people, terrified about contracting the virus and it is health care workers, dealing with the sick, and being afraid of getting sick themselves. Looking after your physical health is equally important. The hardest part about being active during lockdown is starting in the first place. The sofa looks extra inviting at these times, and the bed extra comfortable. It is easy to find yourself snacking constantly being home all day. It has become a habit of boredom and self-comfort. With gyms being closed and the daily commute canceled for most of us, it seems more difficult to stay active. Less exercise and more unhealthy snacking have led to weight gain during the lockdown. Meanwhile, people are consuming more calories being working from home.

Work from home has not only blurred the line separating personal and professional life, but it has also left people exhausted. People are worried about their job security, their savings, their loved ones in different cities. While some are able to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, other people simply don’t have jobs that allow for that. Industries are being forced into temporarily closing to better contain the spread of the virus. What happens to employees in these industries? Some are being laid off, some still have to work and continue exposure to the virus, while some are being furloughed. Companies around the world are taking measures during this prolonged shutdown for their employees to be physically and mentally upbeat. Mahindra has launched a series of activities for the wellbeing of their employees which involves interactive sessions with nutritionists as well as an exercise regime. They are also running a webinar on emotional hygiene as employees work from home. Flipkart is encouraging employees across the organization to take a ‘Digital Chai Break’ and guiding them in scheduling their workday.

Taking care of our minds and bodies is always important but doing so in the middle of a pandemic could be tricky. It is okay to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared, or angry during a crisis. Certainly, this is the time of radical re-prioritization and one of the things that we have to prioritize is our mental and physical health. We have to now look at the world and think about how we are going to survive in it. Here are some tips and techniques to help us all get through this.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle — including proper diet, sleep, and social contact with loved ones at home. It’s a great time to bond together. We often complain that we don’t have the time. Now is the time. Watch a favorite serial, play board games, talk about silly things together.

Prioritize self-care -Staying on a regular schedule, exercising, eating a healthy diet and keeping a sleep routine, and taking time to meditate or prayer are important now more than ever.

Take a walk in the garden to appreciate the beauty around. Finish that manuscript (wouldn’t we all), finish that E-book that is about to expire.

Try developing new hobbies or cooking/baking new recipes.

Be gentle with yourself- During times like these, you will have good days and bad days. Your emotions are most likely to heighten at this time.

Take care of each other — continue with your routines and occupations that bring joy and encourage those around you to do the same. Check-in on each other. Help a neighbor. Call a friend. Reach out for support. Be THANKFUL for days to connect to the things that matter. JUST BREATHE. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find a solution to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done. We’ll get through this, together.

Contributed By- Alvina Begum Zeba, Content writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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