How to start a startup, difficulties faced during the initial stage, & entrepreneurship

“…Life in a start-up is that of a fire-fighter…” the words of a millennial entrepreneur, the co-founder of Rajat Malik. Mitti Ke Rang always comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, hosted by Abhishek, we had a conversation with the emerging young entrepreneur Rajat who defines entrepreneurship as a solution to any problem alongside monetization. He has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from The Hindu College of the University Of Delhi and started an online Accommodation Search Platform for migratory students with his friends Ishaan and Bharat known as Housesitt. The podcast ventures into his life, ideologies, and vision regarding the start-up.

Rajat mentioned how when he started college, daily commute via metro took a toll on his schedules and he decided in favor of searching for accommodation near his college campus, and that was when he realized the immense, broken, and inadequate system of housing in Delhi for college students, which lead into him forming a venture with his friends. The start-up is quite flourishing after a year and a half from its inception but the road was not an easy one.

Parents have a very integral role in the life of a child so imagine the plight of a parent when their kin decides to leave a stable job for a risky no assurance start-up, Rajat talks about convincing his parents and making them trust in his dreams and vision. But the skepticism was not only limited to the guardians, he himself was in the dilemma of choosing between a salaried well-settled career and a self-built venture. However, instinct ruled in the decision and he began the journey of investing his full-time focus on the start-up. The keynote here would be the advice that he shared about diving right into the passion wholeheartedly and believing in oneself. He talked about the importance of social circles on mentality and how prioritizing one’s time would help in efficiently managing a schedule. He mentioned the impact of Housesitt on enhancing his personality and helping in personal growth. The satisfaction of a sense of independence at a young age really drove Rajat to strive for more.

The podcast ended with a fun rapid-fire game and Rajat’s motto to keep questioning one's purpose.

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