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Mitti Ke Rang always comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, we had a conversation with Sudha Menon.

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Subha Menon is an author, a columnist, and a writing coach born in Mumbai, India. She is the author of five non -fiction books, Feisty At Fifty, Legacy, Gifted, Leading Ladies, and Devi, dive or she-devil.

According to her, “writing is an intensely personal thing. Maybe one writes because it gives them joy, one may write because it gives meaning to their life or adds value to their life. In the beginning, no one is perfect, it’s just the passing time that makes one learn more and more.”

When Sudha Menon started writing she wasn’t sure about what she wanted to do. But she started and never gave up because she had reasons to write that gave her joy and pleasure. She has written several inspirational stories in which her goal is to capture the story of every woman like her and that is how she started LEADING LADIES. Now, it’s been almost 10 yrs to Leading ladies and still is widely appreciated by the readers.

She believes, that as people meet and connect with new people the knowledge develops, and when one starts writing on behalf of people, that’s when they start connecting to the reader. It is no good or bad in writing. When the pen and paper collide, the journey just begins

Sudha Menon’s advice to writers is to “start writing whatever you feel, don’t worry about grammar and punctuation. Not always your sentences will be flourishing.”

she further explains how one needs dedication and commitment towards writing and only through that can cross the journey. Observation and reading are equally important to continuous writing. She says how the morning silence helps the mind to flourish and stay fresh. Publishing can’t be the only goal for writing, one must find their reason to write.

She states that before writing she was lonely, lost, and voiceless. Writing added colors to her life and now she is not an introvert and she discovered herself. the last word she has for the listeners is to “Start and Find yourself a friend within you. When you start with a small thing that truly interests you, it will help you grow brighter and better.”

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